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Ravi Shankar Sankaran

CA.Ravishankar Certified Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Analytical Therapist.

I Am On A Mission To Spreading The Knowledge And Power Of Pen And Handwriting To This Beautiful Universe.Special Focus On Underprivileged And To Look And Identify People Who Need Support,Convince Grapho-Therapy Can Change Their Life To Lead Amazing Life To Fulfill Our Existence In This Planet.

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It Is Surprising Analysis For Me. I Was Hiding My Weakness And Was Adament I Will Not Disclose Which Came Out Automatically. Really Cannot Believe And Imagine How Much You Have Analysed My Handwriting. It Is Really Eye Opening For Me And Iam Going To Start Remedy Work You Told Me To Do So. Now Iam Becoming Very Passionalte About My Handwriting.

The Handwriting Analysis Done By Mr.Ravishankar In Respect Of My Basic Nature, Thinking, Communications, Relation, Strength And Simultaneously Suggesting Areas Of Improvement Is Not Only Surprising For Me But Also An Eye Opener For Me. Surprise – Because It Is Difficult To Believe The Accuracy Of Outcome Just On The Basis Of Handwriting ! And Eye Opener -Because It Gave Me A Thought That A Change In Handwriting Pattern Can Bring More Success And Happiness Too !.

It Was Unique Experience .The Best Part Was Knowing How Much Can Be Learnt About A Person By Analyzing His Or Her Handwriting. Almost 90% Of Your Analysis Of My Handwriting Was Right. When You Told Me About Your Analysis Of My Handwriting And Explained To Me How Helpful Graphotherapy Could Be In Overcoming Weaknesses, It Increased My Interest In The Subject. I Felt Going Through This Therapy I Could Not Only Work On Overcoming My Weaknesses, But Also Bring About A Positive Change In All Aspects Of My Life, By Consciously Altering My Handwriting In Order To Bring The Desired Changes In My Personality At Subconscious Level.

Kavita, Bangaluru


Hi. My Name Is Ravi Shankar Sankaran .

I Am Ravishankar, 61 Years Old Chartered Accountant By Profession Rediscovering Myself After Hectic Corporate Life. Started With First Step And Grapho-Therapy Continuing Journey As Professional Approach. The Journey Of Six Weeks Has Been Wonderful Experience From Can I To I Can.

Now The Next Step Is To Support Underprivileged Specially School Children From Very Low Strata Educate Them About Handwriting And Introduce Grapho Therapy ( Major Students Are In Hindi Medium) To Overcome Language Barrier And Make Their Life Amazing.

My Journey Started With Mitesh And Indu Two Beautiful Angels Who Reaffirmed My Faith In World Of Magic.

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