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Ranjana Dutta

Health Worker For 35 Years, Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Therapist

My Mission Is To Reach 10 Lakhs Of People To Fall In Love With Handwriting, To Help People To Recognize Their Core Personality And To Help Them Strengthen Their Subconscious Mind To Stay Healthy Physically, Mentally And Spiritually. A Strong Mind, A Healthy Mind Can’t Be Diseased Anymore …

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I Feel Elated To Certify That The Graphology Analysis Done By Mr Antony Is Really Agreeable. I Am Familiar With Calligraphy. The Term Graphology Remained Beyond My Horizon, Till I Came Across This Analysis. The Traits He Mentioned Are True And I Admit. I Would Like To Mention That A Few Traits Like Temper, Jealousy, Irritation And Imagination Are Put Under A Check Point To Maintain My Life Journey Smooth. A Spark Of Awareness Is Ignited, That Graphology Reveals The Traces Of Traits Once I Possessed, Even Though I Succeeded In Controlling Them To A Certain Extent.

I Appreciate The Points That Come Out Through Your Analysis .As Per My Observation Most Of The Points Are Really Equivalent To My Characteristics .Some Of The Others Are Really Unknown To Me ,Which Will Be Helpful For My Further Endeavor .Thank You So Much For Discovering The Best Sides Of My Life . I Wish You All The Best .

Hi. My Name Is Ranjana Dutta

I Am A Health Worker, Doing My Job For 34 Years In A Govt Sector . I Have Seen Peoples Are Coming In Hospitals With So Many Physical And Mental Issues .But Somewhere All Issues Are Not Resolved By Medications ,Some Psychological Therapy Also Required For Them .

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