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Ranjan Joseph

MBA, Lead IT Content Developer, Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Analytical Therapist

My Mission Using This Powerful Science Of Grapho-Therapy Is To Be The Catalyst Of Change In Society. My Objective Is To Reach Out To Maximum Number Of People Globally, Especially Students, Financially Backward People, And Senior Citizens So As To Empower Them And Maximize Their Potential.

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Dear Ranjan, Truly Amazed And Wonderstruck By The Accuracy Of The Analysis Of My Handwriting. Your Insightful Explanation Of Each Trait By Providing Scenarios That I Could Relate To Is Really Appreciable. I Would Certainly Recommended You To My Colleagues As Well As Students. Wishing You All The Best!


Dear Ranjan, Amazed By The Analysis And Insights That You Provided For My Handwriting. Inspite Of Doing Calligraphy In My Childhood, I Was Still Not Aware Of The Power Of This Science. But Your Accurate Analysis Was An Eye-Opener To Me. I Am Now Fully Convinced Of The Authenticity Of This Science, And Will Strongly Recommend My Patients And Friends To Solicit Your Services In Handwriting Analysis And Grapho-Theraphy. Thanks A Lot From The Bottom Of My Heart.

Dr. Rajani Sunkad, Bangalore

Ayurveda Doctor

Dear Ranjan Sir, Wow! What A Revelation It Was For Me When You Delivered Your Analysis Of My Handwriting. I Was Awe-Struck And Taken Aback At How This Science Can Delve Into Various Aspects Of Your Personality Like Your Thinking Pattern, Fears, Strengths And Other Traits Based On Pressure, Size And Slant. You Explained Everything To Me In A Precise And Clear Manner, Without Leaving Even An Iota Of Doubt In My Mind. Thank You So Much Sir, And I Will Strongly Recommend You To My Family And Friends To Get Their Handwriting Analysed As Well As To Take Up Grapho-Therapy With You.

Hi. My Name Is Ranjan Joseph .

It Has Been Wonderful And Eventful Ever Since I Embarked On This Journey To Becoming A Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho- Analytical Therapist. Words Can’t Describe The Positive Changes That I Have Undergone In My Behavior And Personality By Religiously Practicing This Science.

Analysing Handwritings, Providing The Analysis Reports, And Getting Amazing Feedback From My Clients Has Been A Very Empowering And Enriching Experience. Special Thanks To My Mentor, Imran Baig Sir For Guiding Me Along In This Journey Of Transforming Lives.

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