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Rakesh Chandalia


I Am On A Mission To Help 10000 People In Understanding Their Subconscious Via Handwriting And Make Them Understand Importance Of The Same In Their Goals

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Amazing Rakesh…. Thank You For The Quick Analysis. It’s A 100% Match. 

Kaushik M, Bangalore 

Project Manager

It Was A Great Experience With 100% Accuracy And Got Amazing Insights About Myself.

Alok, Bangalore

Business Man

It Was A Great Experience Learned About My Overall Personality. It Is 95% Accurate.

Tushar Borar, Bangalore

3rd Year Engg. Student

Hi. My Name Is Rakesh Chandalia .

“I Am A Leadership And Career Coach With Close To 16 Years Of Experience Leading Million Dollar Projects.

Have Trained More Than 10000 Participants Internationally In Different Training Programs. Even Helping Participants With One-On-One And One To Many Coaching To Excel In Their Personal And Professional Goals.

Have Close To 10 Years Of Experience With Handwriting Analysis

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