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Rajarshhi H Nandy

Numerologist, Vaastu Consulting, Grapho Therapist, Member Of International Council Of Graphology And Corporate Trainer

I Am On A Mission To Help More Than 1,00,000 People To Achieve Prosperity By Healing Transformation Methods Using Graphology (Handwriting), Numerology And Vaastu And I Am The Founder Of Rajshri Ka Shastra.

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This Is To Share My Experience Regarding Handwriting Analysis Done By Rajarshi H Nandy. Although I Had Heard About It But Experiencing It Was Completely Different. Rajarshi Peculiarly Was Able To Point Out My Characteristics And Has Offered Me Graphotherapy Coaching Which I Am Happy To Go Through. I Must Say He Wishes Well For All His Clients And Goes Out Of The Way To Ensure They Are Doing Well. I Love His Approach Which Says “In Your Success Lies My Success”. Thank You Rajarshi For Everything. Regards

“I Had The Pleasure Of Getting My Handwriting Analysed From Rajarshi Ji Recently And Was Absolutely Blown Away By The Accuracy Of Their Analysis. I Was Skeptical At First, But After Just A Few Minutes Of Studying My Writing, They Were Able To Uncover So Many Aspects Of My Personality And Behavior That I Had Never Even Considered Before. It Was Truly Eye-Opening And Helped Me Understand Myself On A Much Deeper Level. I Would Highly Recommend Handwriting Analysis To Anyone Looking To Gain Insight Into Themselves Or Others. It’s Truly An Incredible Tool!”

Sushant Kulkarni, Pune


Got Done My Graphology Analysis By Rajarshi H Nandy Sir. Sir’s Graphology Analysis Did Help Me Understand Myself On A Deeper Level, It Was Accurate, On The Basses Of Handwriting And The Subconscious Mind.. On A Few Strengths I Realised That This Is All True And The Best Analysis I Ever Did. It Is Really Accurate And On Point. Sir’s Prediction Is Helping Me A Lot To Grow My Business. He Suggested Some Remedies As Well. Thank You So Much For Such Good Work And Help.

Hi. My Name Is Rajarshhi H Nandy .

I Was Suffering From Back Pain For More Than 20 Years, And After Practising Grapho Therapy Has Reduced. Therefore, I Thought If It Can Cure A 20 Years Pain Then Obviously It Can Heal Others Issue. It Not Only Cleared My Pain, It Has Also Worked In Increasing Clarity And Focus. You Really Get To Know The Advantages Once You Start Grapho Therapy.

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