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Rajani B S


My Mission Is To Introduce 1 Lakh Individuals To The Transformative Power Of Grapho-Therapy And Provide Support In Creating Their Future For A Positive Impact On Themselves And Their Community

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Hi Rajani I Just Wanted To Say – “Thank You”!!You’re Wise & Kind. Thank You For The Wonderful Reading Of My Writing. I Have Just Replayed Our Discussion And Discovered Even More Useful Insights And Much Needed Guidance For The Future. How Fortunate That I Discovered You Last Night. You Are A Skilled And Talented Handwriting Reader And So Obviously Care About Those Who Consult With You. In My Case Your Accuracy Rate Is Very High And I Rate You 9 Out Of 10. I Will Always Appreciate Your Good Work In This And Refer Your Name To My Family And Friends Thank You So Much Again❤️❤️

Shreya, Jaipur

Software Engineer

“Ur Good 🤗 Actually 10/10 , Everything That U Told Now Is So Relatable And It’s Accurate And How Can I Learn This

Manav, Davangere

Software Engineer

“ Nice .. Impressed… 80 % Match”

Chaitra K N, Tumkur

Software Engineer

Hi. My Name Is Rajani B S

I Became A Handwriting Analyst Out Of Curiosity And To Help Myself But Ended Up Discovering A Lot About Human Behaviour Through Handwriting. This Journey Has Made Me More Grounded, Insightful About People, And Passionate About Helping Others Grow. That’s Why I’ve Taken On The Mission Of Sharing My Knowledge And Offering My Services To Empower People In Their Personal And Professional Lives.


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