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Raisa Aman

Fashion Designer

Your Handwriting Creates Your “Throne” To Your Future.Unleash The New Possibilities And Rewrite Your Future With The Power Of Handwriting.

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Hello Raisa, I Suddenly Stumbled Upon Your Instagram Post Regarding Handwriting Analysis And Something In Me Just Got Attracted To It.. As I Spoke To You On That, I Realised How Much As A Person You Grew And Changed Your Persona… That Inspired Me To Get My Handwriting Analysis Done . I Was In Complete Awe When You Mentioned Things About My Personality, Those Were 99 Percent True.. Am Intrigued With The Analysis And Would Love To Know More And Improve My Quality Of Life Via Graphotherapy!!! Thanks Raisa, Regards

Niketa, Bangalore

Civil Engineer

Hey Raisa , Thank You So Much For The Amazing Analysis You Did For Me … I Always Wanted To Have My Handwriting Analyzed And Was Confident That The Analysis You Provided Me With Would Contain Results Reflective Of Some Traits/Characteristics That I Possess, But Never In My Wildest Dreams Could I Have Imagined The Specific Accuracy Of Things That I Didn’t Even Think Could Be Gathered From A Handwriting Sample. It’s Amazing, To Say The Least.. Would Love To Improvise In Few Fields Of Traits.. & Ya Im Sure You Could Definitely Help Me In That As Well ❤️❤️ Thank You Love ❤️

Dimple, Bangalore


Hello Raisa! I Was Amazed By The Handwriting Analysis U Delivered Today..To My Surprise I Actually Relate 100% With Ur Analysis Delivered.I Had No Idea Handwriting Could Depict So Many Traits Of A Personality.I Totally Love The Way U Conveyed All My Flaws So Beautifully And All My Strengths So Accurately.Totally Satisfied With The Analysis And Looking Forward To Start Graphotherapy With U..Cant Wait! Thank U So So Much Regards

Zainab, Bangalore


Hi. My Name Is Raisa Aman.

My Journey Mainly Started For Self Discovery.It All Began When I Thought I Can Do Nothing Reasonable In My Life .

After Learning The Science Of Grapho Therapy And How Powefully It Impacted My Personality, From Self Confidence To Boost In Self Esteem, Improvement In My Communication Skills, Social Life, Being A Good Listener, Organizational Abilities ,Time Management ,Handling Temper Issues, Irritation, Absentmindedness, Frustration, Evolving My Thought Process ,Maintaining Healthy Relationships Individually And Most Importantly Self Love.

I Thought There Are So Many People On Planet Earth Who Are Dealing With Numerous Issues In Life And How Beautifully This Science Can Help Transform Human Behaviour And Evolve One’s Personality Traits So Powerfully, It Was Time For Me To Dive In Deeper Into The Learning Of Handwriting Analysis And Reachout To People With My Services.

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