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Rahul Mangrulkar

Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho Analytical Therapist, Certified Vastu Consultant

I’m On A Mission To Raise Awareness About Graphology And Grapho-Therapy.
Help As Many People As Possible To Realize Their True Selves And Bring Out Their True Potential To Do Their Best By Using Their Handwriting.

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Hi Rahul, After Going Through My Handwriting Analysis, Felt That I Was Talking To Myself After A Long Time. It Is Like A Mirror Image. You Have Shown Me A Real Mirror. I Was Not Sure About My Personality But Your Handwriting Analysis Has Made It All Clear. It Is A Very Good Analysis And More Intellect Is Involved In Doing Such Analysis. Thanks For Such A Wonderful Analysis.

Dashrath Koli, Mumbai

Hr Professional

I Could Compare Well With Myself And Found That Most Of It Is Correct! This Is Very Interesting And Amazing Too That One Can Be Read From The Written Words. Thanks For The Analysis And Feedback. It Gives Me An Opportunity To Improve.

Suneet Arora, Haryana

Excel Trainer

I Received A Wonderful Analysis Of My Handwriting, As It Was Almost Accurate About Myself And Some Habits Or Things About Me Which Isn’t Correct Now, Was A Part Of Me Earlier. And It Also Provided Me, The Areas Where I Have To Work Upon To Improve More. Great Analysis.

Chirag Jadhav


Hi. My Name Is Rahul Mangrulkar .

Looking Forward To Helping You Write To Create The Life You’ve Always Wanted!

I’m Rahul Mangrulkar, And I Believe That Everyone Is Capable Of Leading Extraordinary Lives, But Frequently We Are The Only Ones Getting In The Way.
Handwriting Analysis Helped Me In Identifying Such Areas Of Personal Improvement, And Grapho Therapy Assisted Me In Overcoming Them.

Handwriting Analysis Is One Of The Simplest Ways To Understand Your Fears And Defences, As Well As Areas To Improve Alongside Your Strengths, And Grapho-Therapy Is The Most Effective, Yet Simple Way To Overcome These By Subconsciously Programming Your Mind.

I’ve Benefited Greatly Since I Began Learning It, And It Inspired Me To Embark On My Mission To Raise Awareness And Help As Many People As Possible By Assisting Them In Understanding Themselves And Bringing About Positive Changes In Their Lives By Making Them Realise The Incredible Power Of Handwriting.

Will You Join Me As We Write Our Way Out Of Our Limiting Beliefs And Fears And Into The Lives We Deserve?


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