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Rahul Gadkari

B.E. (Mechanical), Certified Handwriting Analyst & Grapho-Analytical Therapist

My Mission Is To Spread The Science Of Graphotherapy, Bring Positive Changes In Minimum 10,000 People And Help Them To Live Successful Life.

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Firstly, I Want To Express My Gratitude For Taking The Time To Review My Handwriting And Point Out Both My Positive And Negative Aspects. You Discovered My Strengths And Weaknesses, And Where I Need To Improve. This Is The First Time I Have Encountered This. All Of It Was Accurate. My Attitude And Personality Will Grow As A Result Of This. My Best Wishes For Your New Venture, And I Am Hoping That Like Me, Many Others Will Need A Guide Like You And That You Will Be Able To Assist Them. Many Thanks👍🏻.

Rashmi Kulkarni, Mumbai

It Professional

I Am Very Pleased With The Handwriting Analysis You Did For Me..It Is Very Accurate, Right To The Tiniest Detail. I Never Thought This Anylasis Would Be So In-Depth And Precise. I’d Highly Reccomend It To Anyone Looking To Define Their Personality.

When I Had Discussion With Rahul On My Hand Writing Analysis, I Really Got Surprised That How Come He Knows So Much About Me. At The Same Time I Was Thinking How He Could Do This Only On The Basis Of My Handwritting. It Was Very Different Experience And Very Intrested To Know How It Can Help Me And Improve Our Life. It Is Great Feeling. Thanks ….


Rahul Mahesh Bendale, Pune

Manager Electronics Industry

Hi. My Name Is Rahul Gadkari .

I Evolved As A Better Me During My Journey As Handwriting Analyst. Handwriting Analysis Helped Me To Understand My Strengths And Weaknesses. There Are Many Things We Do Subconsciously That Are Roadblock To Our Success. I Strongly Believe Graphotherapy Works And Everyday It Helps Me Improve My Health, Relationships And Financial Status.

I Always Wanted To Serve Community In Some Way. Handwriting Analysis And Graphotherapy Gave Me The Opportunity To Contribute And Serve All Age Groups.
Happy Writing!!

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