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R Arianachi Latha

Certified Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Analytical Therapist

My Mission Is To Bring Transformation In The Lives Of As Many People As Possible By Enabling Them To Overcome Their Weaknesses And Enhancing Their Strengths With Graphotherapy.

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Latha Sis, Thank You Very Much For The Opportunity In Graphology. It’s Really A Surprising And Heartwarming Exercise. Whatever You Analysed About My Character With My Handwriting Is 100% True. Even Though, I Was Imran Sir’s Student For Handwriting, I Never Expected These Kind Of Thing. I Am Really Amazed. I Am Looking Forward To Build Better Character By Improving My Handwriting Through Graphotherapy.

Ms. Sathiya G, Chennai


I Am Amazed By My Experience With Handwriting Analysis And Graphotherapy. Mrs. Latha Had Analyzed My Handwriting Sample And Her Reports Were 90% Accurate. Before This, I Never Realized How Much Handwriting Could Reveal About Someone’s Character. The Insights Gained Have Been Eye-Opening. I Am Excited To Try Out The Suggestions To Change My Writing Style For A Positive Impact On My Well-Being. Its Surprising How Small Changes In Handwriting Can Make A Big Difference In Life. This Journey Has Shown Me The Power Of Self-Expression Through Writing, And I Am Grateful To Mrs. Latha For The Chance To Explore It Further.

Mrs. V. Nithya, Chennai

Psu Employee

When Mrs. Latha Took My Handwriting Sample For Analyzing, I Didn’t Believe That Anything Could Be Told Based On One’s Handwriting. But, When She Gave Me A 100% Accurate Report Of My Personality Traits, I Was Surprised. It’s Really Amazing To Know That One’s Handwriting Can Reveal One’s Strength, Weakness And Fear So Accurately. Now I Feel That Maybe There Is A Connection Between Handwriting And Psychology.

Dr. Kishaan Prabhu, Chennai

Medical Doctor

Hi. My Name Is R Arianachi Latha

I Am An Ex Bank Officer With 15 Years Of Working Experience In A Public Sector Bank, Who Had To Resign Her Job For Her Children’s Sake. Now That After 8 Years, My Children Are All Grown Up And Independent, I Started Looking For Something Interesting And Worthwhile To Do And Came Across Imran Sir’s Program.

Initially, I Had Joined The Handwriting Analysis Program As I Was Fascinated By The Way Imran Sir Told The Traits Of A Person With Just His/her Signature. But Afterwards, When I Analyzed My Handwriting And Understood My Weaknesses, Fears And Strengths And Started Working Towards Overcoming Those Weaknesses By Changing The Way I Wrote Certain Letters, I Decided To Continue Learning. There Were Noticeable Positive Changes In Me.

And That Made Me Realize That I Could Help Others Also In Having Self Realization And Self Development With Graphotherapy. So, Here I Am On This Great Platform.

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