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Pundalik Chavan

M.Sc (Psychotherapy & Counselling) , MD (Alternative Medicine) , NDDY , Certified Graphologist

I Am On Mission To Empower One Million People To Attain Ultimate Health, Wealth, Happiness & Total Wellness Through An Incredible Influence Of Handwriting Analysis & Graphotherapy

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I Am Rutuja Bawne , Senior Software Engineer Working For GDIT , USA . I Always Wondered About Graphology & Graphotherapy But Never Put Efforts Towards Knowing It. When Mr Chavan Approached Me And Said That He Has Studied This Science And Wondering If I Am Interested In My Handwriting Analysis, I Went For It . All I Have To Do Was Giving Him My Handwriting Sample . He Gave Me My Handwriting Analysis , Which Pointed Out My Fears & Defences, My Strengths And Areas Of Improvement Which Was About 98% Accurate. I Was Surprised. So Things We Don’t Put Attention To Or We Ignore It Affects Our Life By The Way That Can Be Brought Out By Handwriting. He Pointed Out That I Have Irritation Towards Women Seen In Handwriting. I Have Anger And Stress Towards Women. When I Thought About It , It Was My Boss In The Office . So My Work Life Stress Was Affecting My Personal Life Which Handwriting Depicted. Now I Know That I Work Towards It . It Came Under My Area Of Improvement. This Helped Me Rectify Things . Now I Am Much More Calm And I Have Better Approach Towards My Personal And Professional Life . So This Way My Handwriting Analysis Was Very Helpful For My Personal And Professional Development. Thank You Mr Chavan Introducing Me To This New Science.

I Am Shirish Bhosle , It Professional, Us Multinational Bank. I Know Mr Chavan For Good Years And He Is In Graphology. Initially I Was Bit Skeptical About How This Science Can Impact Life Of Individuals. But Once I Got To Know About It , I Found It Interesting. I Gave My Handwriting Sample And Got My Analysis From Mr Chavan . It Was A Wise Decision To Go For Analysis As It Gave Me Pretty 98% Accuracy Of My Thinking Pattern , Fears And Defences And Areas Of Improvement For My Personal And Professional Career Development. Mr Chavan Was Thoroughly Professional In Arranging The Post Analysis’ Discussion Giving Me Enough Time Well In Advance , Explaining The Science Behind Every Aspect Of Analysis And Rational Behind It And How He Came To The Conclusion . He Spoke About My Swot Analysis It Was Amazing To Know That Handwriting Can Give Insight To So Many Different Perspectives, Your Nature , How You Conduct Meetings , Cope Up With Stress , Manage Yourself Personally And Professionally. It Was Just Amazing. I Will Definitely Try To Implement His Suggestions For My Personal And Professional Development By Working On Areas Of Improvement As A Professional Guy. I Definitely Wish To Have Many More Sessions With Mr Chavan On This And Thank Mr Chavan For Introducing Graphology To My Life . I Wish Mr Chavan All The Very Best As Graphologist.

Shirish Bhosle VP, Mumbai

Tt Professional US Multinational Bank

My Name Is Sanjay Nair . I Am It Professional And Currently Working As Sr VP In US Multinational At Mumbai. I Came Across Mr Chavan As Graphologist At The First Time . I Know Him As HRD Professional. Frankly, I Did Not Know What Graphologist Is . Mr Pundalik Chavan Was Kind Enough To Explain What Is Graphology And Graphotherapy And What This Science Can Do For Professionals And Individuals. I Must Say I Am Impressed. I Was Impressed With His Spot On Analysis He Has Done On My Personality, My Behaviour Pattern , The Way I Approach To Situations, The Positives And Negatives As Well As Behaviour And My Swot Analysis. My Positives About My Financials, Spiritual Side Of Things . Negatives In The Sense How Can Things Have Bearing On My Health And How I Can Overcome Those Negatives. The Way Mr Chavan Explained My Handwriting Analysis Was Very Polite And Soft Manner Empathetically And Was Just Fantastic. As Mentioned Earlier, I Am Highly Impressed With His Accurate Analysis @95 % And Would Recommend Mr Chavan For Many Individuals To Go For Handwriting Analysis As It Is Powerful Tool And Skill As Well . I Wish Mr Chavan All The Best As Graphologist And Thank You For Introducing Me To This New Unknown Science.

Hi. My Name Is Pundalik Chavan

Successful HRD Professional With 35 Years Corporate Experience In Training & Development, Advocate, Post Graduate In Psychotherapy & Counselling , Practicing Complimentary Alternative Medicine Therapist Pranic Healer And Naturopath Offers His Services To Unfold Hidden Potential And Transform Lives Of People Who Want To Succeed In Life And Attain Health , Wealth And Happiness With The Power Of Handwriting Analysis And Graphotherapy. Many Students, Entrepreneurs, Professionals And Families Are My. Satisfied Customers. Astonishing Results, Success Unlimited.

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