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Preeta Dinesh Agarwal

Bachelors In Computer Science, Accounts And Finance Manager

I Am On A Mission To Use My Skills To Inspire And Educate Others Around Me To Make Change And Contribute To Their Life’s.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

Preeta Agarwal Had Given Us Content To Write And She Analyzed Our Handwritings. I Felt The Analysis She Did Was 90% Me And I Have Requested Her To Give Us Some Time To Discuss The 10% Not Me. Actually I Am Amazed That Somebody Can Be So Accurate In Analyzing Me From My Handwriting. It Is Really Great On The Part Of Preeta To Have That Learning Vigor In Her And Grasping The Course To Do The Analysis With Great Accuracy. During The Analysis She Explained I Felt Few Points Which Actually You Have Never Thought Off But You Realize Them When You Co- Relate With Your Experiences. Amazed With The Analysis Preeta Has Done And Will Surely Help Me In Addressing My Weaknesses. I Wish Her Success In Her Further Studies On Handwriting Analysis.

Rajesh Rane, Mumbai


I Was A Bit Skeptical On New Insight My Handwriting Analysis With Preeta Would Reveal, However Insights From The Exercise Proved Valuable. New Facts Unknown To Me Came To Light As Well As Reinforcement On Earlier Known Behavior. She Could Accurately Tell Me My Way Of Being, My Strength And Weakness. I Am Very Keen To Follow Corrective Actions In My Growth Journey And Thank You Preeta For Your Inputs.

Swati Seth, Mumbai

Home Engineer

From My Experience, I Need To Tell You That It Is Unbelievable. Whatever You Have Told Me About My Personality, It Was Totally Right. Even The Negative Traits You Recognized Were Correct. I Am Looking Forward To Improve In Those Areas. The Handwriting Analysis Test Was A Very Insightful And Enriching Experience. Firstly, I Couldn’t Believe That One Could Recognize So Many Traits Of A Person Just Through His/Her Handwriting. The Observations Very Extremely Accurate And Made Me Reflect On A Lot Of Aspects Of My Personality. My Reading Was 100% Accurate. A Lot Of Things About My Way Of Thinking, My Way Of Being Were Very Accurately Identified. I Was Also Told About Which Letter Formations I Could Alter To Get Better Results For Myself In Areas Where I Believe I Am Stuck. I Am Very Keen To Explore And Looking Forward To The Change And Growth. It Was Truly A Wonderful Experience. It Was Like A Mirror Showing Me The Key Points In My Personality That I Need To Cherish As Well As Those That I Need To Work On. I Surely Intend To Incorporate The Changes You’ve Told Me In My Handwriting And See How That Shapes My Personality. Thank You,

Divya Mittal, Pune


Hi. My Name Is Preeta Dinesh Agarwal.

Indeed It Was A Amazing Journey. We Know Our Words Talks About Our Thoughts But
Through This Science Came To Know That Our Handwriting Speaks Lots About Us: Our
Feelings/ Emotions, Thinking Pattern And How One Relates With People, Strength, And
Defence Mechanism Everyone Uses In A Situation Which Is Not In Control. It’s A
Mirror Reflecting A Person’s Personality. It’s Talk About The Physical, Mental And
Emotional State Of A Person. Learning This Science Not Only Gave Me The
Opportunity To Learn About My Traits But Also Connect With People. After Analyzing
The Handwriting I Know Exactly How The Person Is Behaving And Why. This Helps
Me To Connect To People Better And Contribute To Their Lives By Giving Them
Grapho Therapy. By Small Changes In The Handwriting One Can Bring The Needed
Changes In His Personality. So Do Invest In This Science For Your Own Growth And

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