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Prashna Rout

B Sc Agriculture, Ex Banker With SBI & IDBI Bank For 17 Years, Jaiib, Caiib. Currently A Home Maker.

I Believe Everyone In This World Has A Right To Excellence. Being A Professional Handwriting Analyst, I Commit To Enable People To Identify Their Strengths And Opportunity Areas. My Mission Is To Make The Citizens Of The World Overcome Their Challenges With Simple Improvements In The Way They Write.

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Thank You For Performing My Handwriting Analysis And Sharing The Feedback..I Could Very Well Relate To The Points Which You Have Mentioned About My Personality, I Can Very Well Say That It Was 100% Matching With The Points You Mentioned.I Have Also Taken The Suggestions Which You Have Given Me To Work Upon. Thanks & Regards.

Mayank Singh Chauhan, Bangalore

It Engineer

Thanks Prashna For An Insightful And Illuminating Session On My Handwriting Analysis. You Patiently Took Me Through The Various Behaviour Aspects Based On My Writings. The Traits Mentioned Were Amazingly True.Have Taken Your Suggestions On Improvements And Will Start Working On These Towards The Modifications. Thanks

Alexander Chacko, Bangalore

It Professional

I Was Really Excited To Hear That If One Can Be Judged In So Detail From His/Her Writing. You Really Took Me To Utter Surprise Once You Decoded Me Just By Analysing A Piece Of My Write Up. It Was Way Close To What I Am. The Way You Expressed And Interpreted Attributes Was Quite Apt And Relatable. You Have A Long Way To Go In This Stream. Looking Forward To Hear More Insight From You. Good Luck.

Priyanka Dixit, New Delhi


Hi. My Name Is Prashna Rout .

After A Long Period Of Working Life, I Have Decided To Take A Break From My Job To Take Care Of My Kids. Initially It Was Quite A Difficult Challenge For Me To Sit At Home. I Was Undergoing Identity Crisis And Was Not Being Able To Stabilize My Mind.

As A Blessing In Disguise , I Have Enrolled Myself With This Beautiful Community Of Learned And Wonderful People Who Are Not Only Evolved In Their Thought Process And Fabulous Personalities But Everyone Is Helping And Inspiring Each Other For The Development Of The Community As A Whole.

My Life Took A U Turn. It’s Unbelievable And Overwhelming For Me As Well That Handwriting Is The Mirror Of An Individual’s Personality. Handwriting Analysis Is A Wonderful Science And Grapho-Therapy Is A Miraculous Practice. I Find A Lot Of Positive Changes Within Me Within A Very Short Span Of One And Half Month.

I Am Much More Focused And Confident Than Ever Before. My Mission Is To Spread This Wonderful Knowledge Amongst As Many People As I Can For Their Holistic Development. If There Is Amazing Way Of Shaping Our Life In A Best Possible Way, Then Why To Sit Idle? It’s Time To Take Charge Of Our Own Lives.

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