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Pramila A S

I Am In A Mission To Reach Out Home Engineers And Working Peoples, Looking For Positive Change But Wondering Where To Start.
I Use The Most Effective Power To Empower People With Self Awareness To Tap Their Potential And To Overcome The Self Limiting Beliefs

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This Is Shantha Kumar Last Week Have Given My Hand Writing Copy For Analysis, My Life Style & Characters Thoughts About Me Told Was 98%True And Was Shocked And Happy To Know About Myself. It Was A Very Nice Experience And It Was Shared And Explained Clearly To Me. For Me It Was Very Easy To Understand.Thank You So Much Madam,

Shantha Kumar C, Bangalore


Hi Pramila , I Was Surprised About Your Handwriting And Very Shocked To Know About Myself From That. I Was Really Nice Awasome Way To Know Myself. The Seeing Me In A Mirror, While You Explaining About Myself. The Way Of You Explained Is Very Related To My Inner Feel Like Emotions & Behaviours And I Could Relate To 100% Of What You Said. This Will Really Help Me In The Days To Come. I Have Noted The Points You Suggested And Will Definitely Work On Them. Thank You Very Much Once Again. Thank You Very Much Once Again.

P. Kannan, Madurai

Purchase Manager

Hi Madam It Was Very Surprising To Know About The Handwriting Analysis And Was Very Shocked When To Told Me About My Personality Which I Can Relate Very Much To Me Was Nearly 90%. And The Way You Explained Was Very Clear And Easy Way To Relate To Myself I Have Noted The Points And I Work Towards The Same To Bring The Best In Traits.

Suresh G, Bangalore

Tax Inspector

Hi My Name Pramila A S

My Journey To The World Of Hand Writing Analysis Was A Coincidence, While Was Trying To Find The Ability And The Potential Which Can Serve Myself And The People Around Me. Then Was Introduced To This Powerful Science Of Graphology. Knowing About Self Empowering,Having Experienced Myself,I Give The Writers An Depth Insight Into Their Known Hidden Selves Through Their Handwriting Analysis.

To The Complete Transformation Into An Self Reliant, I Use Graphotheraphy An Easy And Powerful Tool To Overcome Short Coming And To Forge The Desirable Traits.

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