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Pragati Vinit Thakur

Pranic Healer And Numerologist

Through Grapho-Therapy I Am Creating Magic In My Life . I Am Transforming And Transmuting My Expression. Now I Am On My Mission To Counsel People Achieve Their Desired Magical Life Through Graphology.

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Wow!! I’m Amazed By Your Analysis. It Was So Well Explained And Accurate! Thanks A Lot For Taking The Time In Putting Everything Together And It’s Quite New For Me As I Wasn’t Familiar With Few Qualities That Have But You Gave Me An Insite About It Which Has Motivated Me To Do More Well In My Life Related To Future And Goals Everything And Also I Will Surely Look At The Things That You Told Me To Improve. I Really Appreciate It. Your Analysis Is Definitely Spot-On. At Last It Was Amazing!! Thank You!! I Would Like To Give It 100/100

Sakshi Panchal , Nerul


Thanks Pragati For The Analysis – 1- Yes I Am Sympathetic And Some Times Heart Dominates The Brain. But Most Of The Times A Balance Is Struck Between Heart And Brain. 2- Emotional Intensity Is Average. 3- Attention Span Is Less. Can’t Focus For A Long Time. Scattering Of Energies Sometimes Becomes Troublesome. 4- Self-Doubt. 5- Yes. Need To Manage Irritation And Anger Sometimes. 6- Yes True. I Don’t Make Hasty Decisions. 7- True. Being A Doctor Had To Do It Very Often But It Came Easily. 8- Stubborn. ✔️ 9- True. Can’t Handle Criticism Well. 10- Fluidity Of Thoughts, Yes. Others Can Tell How I Express. Overall Analysis Is 100% Correct.

Dr Suhas S Pingle , Vashi


Pragati Thakur Conducted A Handwriting Analysis On My Handwriting And My Experience Was A Really Great And Genuine One. The Results Matched Almost All Aspects Of My Personality And Thus, There Was A 99 Percent Similarity Score For The Same.

Hridaya Vaidya, Vashi


Hi. My Name Is Pragati Vinit Thakur .

This Opportunity Came As Big Time Blessings As I Was Introduced To Imran Baig Sir Through My Life Coach Mitesh Khatri Sir And Indu Madam . After Attending The Initial Session , It Created Very High Level Of Excitement And Hope And I Immediately Jumped On To Registering In Professional Handwriting Course .

The Nuances And Indepth Study Of Subconscious Mind Through Handwriting Was Mind-Blowing . I Immediately Started Working On Myself Through 21 Day Grapho-Therapy And Began To See Changes In No Time . It Also Helped My Family Members To Start Correcting Their Strokes Of Various Alphabets , Which Need Improvement .

I Felt That This Therapy ,Which Is So Easy And Powerful Should Be Shared With More People As A Gratitude To Offer My Services To The World And I Took It As My Mission To Spread This Knowledge .

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