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Poonam Katyal

Masters In Biochemistry , Retired Teacher From Directorate Of Education

A Teacher, A Child, A Book And A Pen Can Change The World .

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Thank You So Much For The Amazing Analysis Done By Ms Poonam Katyal Ma’am . I Was Surprised To Know That My Writing Can Express Me This Way . The Points Which Were Highlighted By Ma’am Were So Apt And Exact . It Is 90% Accurate . The Analysis Was So Very Close To My Nature. My Personal Life Was Also Highlighted In The Analysis . I Got To Learn More About Myself. I Am Hoping To Work Upon My Skills More. This Analysis Is Amazing As We Never Met . Poonam Ma’am Is A Colleague Of My Husband. Thank You Ma’am.

Poonam Sharma, Delhi


My Handwriting Analysis Was Done By Ms Poonam Katyal. I Gave My Handwriting Sample For Analysis. In The Analysis, It Is Mentioned That I Am Quite Emotional And Poised Which Is Totally True For Me . About My Relations One Thing Which I Feel Is Little Incorrect But Rest Of The Things Told By Her Was Accurate . I Feel The Analysis Done By Ms Poonam Katyal Is 85-90% Valid /Accurate

My Handwriting Was Analysed By Poonam Katyal Ma’am. She Explained Me All My Strengths And Weaknesses So Accurately That I Made To Believe That Handwriting Not Only Writes But Also Speaks . Here I Would Say Writing Speaks Louder Than Verbal Thoughts . Thank You Ma’am . I Would Certainly Think About It . Thank You

Mayur Gola, Delhi

Interior Designer

Hi. My Name Is Poonam Katyal .

Handwriting Analysis Has Helped Me In Understanding And Realizing Things About Myself And It Also Has Increased My Confidence. Now I Can Visualize Myself In A Much Better Position.

The Decision To Understand The Science Of Handwriting Analysis Changed My Life. It’s Not That I Learnt The Science And Laws Of Handwriting Analysis But Also I Brought Changes In My Handwriting By Graphotherapy Suggested By My Coach , Imran Baig Sir . I Would Suggest Everyone To Witness This Science And Skill Of Handwriting Analysis.

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