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Poonam Joshi


I Am On A Mission To Use My Grapho Therapy Skills To Heal The Physical And Emotional Problems Of People, And To Educate People Around The World To Make A Change In Their Lives. I Want To Be An Entrepreneur Creating My Own Wealth And Identity.

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Your Analysis Skills Are Very Good. You Are Able To Find Out My Strengths And Weaknesses Very Efficiently.

Kunal Durve, Indore

Software Engineer

Amazing To Know That My Handwriting Tells So Much About Me. Thankyou Poonam For Helping Me Know About Me. You Are Doing Great Work.

Dhara Sharma, Gurugram


Thankyou Poonam. I Never Know About Few Traits And Areas To Improve That You Have Told. Please Guide Me In Improving My Self.

Ashwani Prahraj, Delhi

Finance Head

Hi. My Name Is Poonam Joshi.

A Teacher By Profession. Grapho-Therapy Has Made A Difference In My Thinking Pattern, Attitude And Changed My Life. Now, I Want To Help And Support 100,000 Children And Adults With The Challenges That They Are Facing In Their Lives. I Shall Make A Difference In The Society Through The Science Of Handwriting. I Want To Build My Name As A Well Established Grapho-Therapy Expert.

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