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Poonam Gupta

Hr Professional

I Am On A Mission To Positively Impact The Life Of Every Person I Encounter.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

Firstly Thank You For Making Me Understand My Problems Which Has Huge Impact In My Personal And Professional Life. Whatever You Have Observed In My Hand Writing Was 100% Right And I Personally Recommend You To Everyone I Know Because I Wanted Them To Understand Their Problems And Issues. These Small Small Things Have A Huge Impact On Our Day To Day Life And People Should Know That To Correct It. I Shocked When I Get To Know Few Things About Me Which I Personally Knew But Knowingly Or Unknowingly I Ignored It. Now I Know The Reason Why I M Not Succeed In Whatever I M Doing In My Life Today. Fear Is What It Is And You Properly Identify It. We Know Our Strength And Weakness But Sometimes We Don’t Accept It And To Accept It And Starts The New Chapter In The Life Makes Things Different. Thanks Once Again To Make Me Realize What Exactly I’m Doing Good And Bad. I Hope And I Will Correct My Mistakes To Achieve What I Wanted In My Life. You Have Such A Depth Knowledge Of It And You Can Change Others Life Too By Educating Them. Keep Doing It. Now I Can Feel That Positive Vibes Around Me. Thank You Mam.

Gaurav Pawar, Mumbai

Am Payroll

I Am Thankful For Your Valuable Insight On My Traits Strength And Weaknesses And Would Like To Mention That All Traits Mentioned In Your Analysis Was Almost All Correct. This Will Help Me To Overcome My Weaknesses As Better Personality And Human Being.

Pragnandh Ketakle, Mumbai


First Of All Thank You Very Much For Spending Your Time To Analysis My Hand Writing And Show Me My Positive N Negative Points…..People Says Mirror Always Show You What U Are Exactly….Just Like That Madam You Exactly Find Out What Are My Strength N Weakness And Where I Need To Work…..First Time I Have Experience This Thing….It Was 100% Correct. This Will Help Me To Develop My Attitude And Personality…Madam The Best Thing Is That U Not Only Point Out My Weakness But Also Provide Correct Solution To Rectify Them….I Have Started To Work On That …..My Best Wishes To U For Ur New Venture And Hoping That Just Like Me, Many People Who Are Living Their Life Blindly In This Competitive World ,They Require One Guide Like You And U Will Help Them…Thank You

Rushikant Shinde, Mumbai

Sr. Ex Compliance

Hi. My Name Is Poonam Gupta.

I Always Wanted To Learn This Science And When I Actual Got Deeper Into It, I Fell In
Love With This Science… This Science Is Vast And Deeper Than An Ocean… This Has
Changed My Life In All The Fronts May It Be Personal, Professional Or Behavioral And
Hence My Mission Statement Is To Positively Impact The Life Of Every Person I

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