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Pooja Srivastava


I Want To Support 10000 Students As Hand Writing Improvement Facilitator And Support 10000 People With Grapho-Therapy In The Next 5 Years. To Establish My Name As A Professional Hand Writing Analyst And Grapho-Therapy Expert.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

“The Details About My Strengths And Areas Of Important Told By Pooja Srivastava Are 100% Accurate. Wishing Her All The Success As A Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-therapy Expert. “

Amitabh Srivastava, Chennai


” I Got My Handwriting Analysis Done By Pooja And What She Told Me About My Personality After The Analysis Was Almost True And Reflects My Personality. I Mean It. It Was 90% Upto The Mark, I Was Amazed To Know That Our Handwriting Reflects So Much About Our Own Personality. She Helped Me Also With The Ways To Improve Writing Some Letters That Will Affect In Improving My Personality And More Focused. Thanks To Her. “

Mansi Garg, Chennai

Home Engineer

Hi ,I Am Gopal Maloo Would Like To Place My Review Foe The Handwriting Analysis Done By Ms. Pooja Srivastava. She Has Told Me About My Habits, My Nature, My Sentiments, About My Positive Thinking, My Talkative Nature And Develop Relations By This Habit Always Want To Be Number One And Get Irritated If I Dont Get Success. All Above Observations Are 100% True And Fir For Me. I Wish Her All The Success In Her Endeavor. Best Wishes.

Gopal Maloo, Chennai


I Am A Home Engineer.

And A Mother Of Two Children, Last Month I On Boarded This Journey Of The Handwriting Analysis Course. After The Beginner Stage When I Started Analyzing People’s Handwriting, The Feedback That I Got From Them Was Very Heart-Warming. I Helped Them Discover The Traits That Were Already Present Inside Of Them Subconsciously. Now My Goal Is To Bring Change In The Lives Of At Least 10000 People In The Coming Years And Help Them In The Best Of My Capacity.

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