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Padmini C S

M.Com., CAIIB. Professional Handwriting Analyst & Graphotherapist

I Have Embarked On A Sacred Mission To Reach Out To The Millions Of Home Engineers And Working Professionals Looking For A Positive Change But Wondering Where To Start From.

I Use The Most Effective Power Of Handwriting Analysis And Graphotherapy To Empower Them With Perfect Self Awareness, To Tap Their True Potential And To Overcome Their Self Limiting Beliefs, Giving Them A Desirable Edge To Surge Forward.

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Unbelievable ! It Was Like You Were Reading About Myself From An Open Book. I Never Knew That Handwriting Could Actually Reveal The State Of Mind Of A Person. Thank You  Padmini For Opening This Science To Me. You Are Such A Pro The Way You Analysed My Handwriting. It Was Shocking, From Just A Single Page Handwriting , You Drew Out So Much – My Psychology, My Unique Traits, Current State Of Mind And It Did Not Stop There. You Even Went Out To  Share The Solution To Combat  The Concerns I Have.   Thank You So Much. Am So Excited That I Too Want To Sign Up To Learn More About This Beautiful Science. 

Anita Naidu, Dubai


Hi Padmini,  I Was Surprised And Shocked To Know About Myself From Your “Handwriting Analysis”. Yes, This Is Me.  It Was As Though You Showed Me A Mirror To My Inner Self.  When Others Point Out Certain Things To Me, I Cannot Accept Them, But The Way You Explained  I Could  Understand So Clearly The Reason Behind Such Emotions And Behaviour. I Could Relate To 100 % Of What You Said. Thank You. This Is Really A Nice Way To Know About Myself. It Is Never Too Late To Know And Work On Myself. This Will Really Help Me In The Days To Come. Thank You So Much. I Have Noted The  Points You Have Suggested And Will Definitely Work On Them. 

Harini Khousalya, Hyderabad


I Was Taken By Surprise  How Accurate Your  Analysis Of My Handwriting Was. I Thought Only Some Well Known Facts Will Be Presented But It Was A Reflection Of My True Self. It  Served As A Guide To Truly Understand What Governs My Actions And Why  I Am, The Way I Am. There Are Those Aspects Of Yourself You Know Exist And Live In Harmony With And Then There Are Those Aspects  Which You Either Fail To See Or Turn A Blind Eye To. I’m Glad I Had You Tell Me About Myself As It Served As A Reminder And Woke Me To The  True Potential I  Have.  I Liked The Way You Revealed My Weak Spots Also. The Constant Reminder That All My  Flaws Can Be Overcome And Rectified Was Really Reassuring.  Looking Forward To Working On The Things I Need To Work On To Bring Out The Best In Me.  Thank You ! 

M. Vishal, Secunderabad

Engineering Student

Hi. My Name Is Padmini C S .

My Journey To The World Of Handwriting Analysis Was A Magical Coincidence While Trying To Reach Out In Some Way To The Home Engineers (Hitherto Known As Home Makers / House Wives).

I Am An Ex-Banker Having Worked In The Capacity Of An Officer And A Credit Processing Manager For 25 Years, With Several People From Varied Backgrounds And Different Personalities. During My Career Break, While Interacting With My Friends And Acquaintances From My Personal & Professional Domain, I Realized That The Home Engineers Were The Ones That Needed Immediate Assistance In Reinforcing Their Personalities. At This Juncture, Like A Divine Calling, I Was Introduced To This Powerful Science Of Graphology Which Paved The Way For Reaching Out To People.

Knowledge About The Self Is Empowering. Having Experienced This Myself, I Give Writers An Indepth And Comprehensive Insight Into Their Known And Hidden Selves Through Their Handwriting Analysis. To Complete The Transformation Into A Self Reliant And Valued Member Of The Family / Organisation, I Use Grapho-Therapy, An Easy But Very Powerful Tool To Overcome Shortcomings And To Forge Desirable Traits.

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