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I Am On A Mission To Add Value To The People’s Life As A Graphologist To Make Them Aware About Their Personality Traits And Identify Them To Improve Through The Grapho-Therapy.

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Have Heard About Astrology, Numerology Etc But I Always Have Doubt About Accuracy Of Predication As Exact Birth Time Is Hard To Notice. So I Never Believe On Some One Who Is Predicting Your Future And Personality. When I First Heard About Graphologist Methodology I Started Connecting This Theory Higher Than Others As It Is Related To Your Habit Of Scripting Some Letters Which Is Yes Will Be Different For Others. But I Never Thought That I Will Meet Someone Like Nivedita Who Will Crack My Personality As If I Am Speaking To God In My Dream And He Is Guiding Me Like Life Coach. My Suggestion To All You Must Go With This Therapy As It Will Not Only Revel Your Personality But Will Also Give You Chance To Improve On Your Weakness… Kudos To Nivedita For Her Amazing Personality And Best Knowledge About Graphologist …..

Woow….What A Wonderful Experience…. I Never Ever Imagined That The Personality Of Any Person Can Be Explained Just By Analysing The Handwriting Of That Person. The Experience Was Truly Amazing. Thanks A Lot Ms. Nivedita For Analysing My Handwriting And Explaining The Positive Points As Well As Traits Of My Personality And Giving Me Suggestions To Overcome Those Traits. I Am Excited To Use Those Suggestions For Improving My Overall Personality. Thanks A Lot 🙂,

I Was So Excited When I Listen About Graphologist Methodology. I Shared My Handwriting Sample With Nivedita To Know My Weaknesses And Straingth Of My Personality. After Sharing The Same I Was Believing That It Can Not Be So Accurate, How Any One Can Know About The Personality Of Any Person After Analyzing His Hanwriting Only But When She Analyze Everything Almost Accurately About My Personality I Was Surprise. It Was A Wonderful Experience For Me And I Suggest Everyone To Try This. It Will Help You To Develop Your Personality.

Nilotpal, Begusarai

Asst Manager- SBI Insurance

Hi. My Name Is Nivedita .

I Heard About Astrology, Numerology, And Other Methodologies To Identify Personalities, But I Was Always Doubtful About Accuracy And Predictions. When I Heard About Graphology Methodology, I Started Connecting This Theory Higher Than Others.

Once Started Analyzing And Connecting To The People For Their Handwriting Analysis And Discussing Their Traits, The Belief Grew Stronger And Stronger. Now Able To Connect To The People, Keen On The Therapy Who Have Just Seen Analysis Report On Their Handwriting Scripts And Are Overwhelmed To See The Accuracy Of Identification Of Personality Traits.

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