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Nitya Singh Chauhan

Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Therapist

My Mission… It Is My Mission To Celebrate Individuality Through Handwriting In Making A Difference In The World. We Think We Know Ourselves, But There Is More To Our Personality. We Give Ourselves Defences And Handwriting Explores Our Mind. As A Handwriting Analyst… Want To Make Graphology, The Science Available To People In Its Purest Form.” Let’s Adapt It To Our Needs And Capture Ourselves.”

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

“Never Thought Of Consulting A Handwriting Analyst But When I Met Nitya She Changed My Ideology About Mind And Handwriting. Her Suggestion Were Priceless.”

Rajan, Delhi


“It Is An Art To Understand Someone By Just Their Handwriting. Handwriting Analysis Is One Such Significant Factor Possessed By Some And Nitya Is One Of Them.”

Aman Singh, Delhi


“It Was A Fantastic Experience. I Learned A Lot About My Personality Via Handwriting Analysis. It Was Amazing Knowing Knowing So Many Facts Which Connect The Dots In My Area Of Expertise.” Rajni Singh, Pune, Artist

Rajni Singh, Pune


Being A Student Who Is Always Curious As To Why My Handwriting Is Becoming Better And Better...

My Desire Took Me To Handwriting Analysis Program, And There Coin Flipped. I Got New Found Companion To Realize Metamorphosis. Graphology, A Special Science Works On Different Levels Of A Person -The Physical, The Mental And The Spiritual State Which Enhances Positivity In The Body. And Now, It’s Arena To Give Back To Society Where I Belong As An Individual.

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