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Neha Jain

M.Com, PGDHM, B.C.S, Healer, Handwriting Analyst

I Am On A Mission To Give The Power Of Handwriting And Grapho-Therapy To 1 Million Students, To Serve And Help Them Shape Their Bright Future.

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Your Work Is Excellent And Satisfying. Thank U For Your Valuable Time And Seeing My Handwriting. Your Advice And Showing Me My Insight Nature Really Helped Me Alot .Will Definitely Follow And Try To Change Myself. Thank U For U Excellence Piece Of Advice

Shweta Jain, Hyderabad

Home –Maker

Hi Neha Thank You Very Much For Analysing My Handwriting.Whatever You Said Is Very True & Accurate.I Liked Your Way Of Expressing Things Clearly. This Has Been Very Useful To Me For Improving Myself After Knowing My Weakness.

Sonal Tated, Mumbai


“It Was Amazing To Know How My Handwritten Letters Could Reveal So Much About My Personality Traits. I Thought It Was Quite Accurate To What I Feel About Myself. I Would Rate The Accuracy To Be About 90 Out Of 100. It Is Very Interesting For Me To Realize The Potential Of Graphology. I Feel Optimistic That Our Handwriting Pattern Very Much Plays A Role In Shaping Our Behaviour”.

Deepanjali Behera, Bhubaneshwar

Faculty And Researcher

Hi. My Name Is Neha Jain.

I Am An Artist And Healer. Grapho-Therapy Helped Me Analyse My Personality And Traits. It Gave Me Insights Of My Strength, Areas I Need To Work On. I Could See A Drastic Change In Myself On The Whole. This Gave Me Motivation To Serve And Help Millions Of Students In Their Personal Life And Shape Their Own Future.

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