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Neetu Wadhawan

IT Professional

I Want To Enhance My Skills As A Graphologist, And To Help People Around Me Understand Themselves Better And Be Able To Start On Their Transformative Journey Using Such An Easy And Readily Accessible Tool.

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I Never Believed In These Things. And I Was Very Reluctant To Even Do This Practice For Neetu. However She Somehow Pushed Me Towards It. And When I Saw My Report, I Was Stunned By The Accuracy She Provided. Yes She Knew Me, But The Kind Of Granularity She Could Show Me In Defining My Personality, Was Beyond My Imagination. Thanks Neetu For Introducing Me To This.

Sunil Raheja, New Jersey USA


I Never Knew That Something As Simple As A Handwriting Could Provide Such Details About Anyone’s Personality. So I Really Got Curious To See What Neetu Had To Share Just By Looking At The Sample Of The Handwriting She Requested, I Was Nervous At The Same Time Too. But I Was Quite Shocked To Hear That She Was Able To Describe Certain Traits Of Me That Nobody Would Know Otherwise. And I Was Even More Happier To Hear That The Traits That I Don’t Like So Much About My Personality Can Be Changed Using My Handwriting Practice.

Anushka Jain, New York, USA


Never Thought That Handwriting Analysis Could Be So Deep Study And Is Derived From Our Sub-Conscious Level. It Surprised Me And Amused Me To See The Layers Of My Personality Which I Was Only Aware Of And The Best Part Is That It Can Be Rectified In Fre Months By Practicing. So, The Analysis Made Me Believe In The Process Of Transformation Process Also. Keep It The Good Work Neetu. May U Come Up With Many More Such Experiences.

Ashwani Verma, Jamshedpur


Hi. My Name Is Neetu Wadhawan

Initially I Wasn’t Sure If It Is Something Useful For Me Or Not. However, When I Began My Journey As A Student, I Felt Something Shifting Within Me Within A Few Weeks, I Wasn’t Able To Pin-Point It Though What Exactly It Was.

As I Continued My Practice, Gradually I Was Able To See Things Materializing Towards My Personal Goals. That’s When I Really Got Inspired And Motivated And Started Talking About It With My Close Ones. And Now, I Actually Have Students Who I Am Working With As A Handwriting Professional.

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