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Naysha Neha (Neha Rani)

Founder And Mindset Coach At Limitless W Naysha, Designer, Model, Handwriting Analyst And Grapho Analytical Therapist.

I Am Limitless..
Life Doesn’t Put A Limit, Choices Do. Claim Your Abundance. Make A Map To Your Dreams”. Be Limitless W Naysha (Life).
Vision: Making Individuals & Organizations Upscale Their True Potential.
Mission: To Help 1 Million People Transform And Achieve Their Dreams To Reality.

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I Was Very Pleased To Get An Insight Into Self, Relationships And Wealth Thru A Single Page Of My Writing. It Was Insightful And Practical Points, Many Of Which I Got Reminded Of And Few Which Were Totally New. I Have Noted Down The Points And Have Started Implementing From Tonight Itself. I Think, Your Ability To Express The Points With Accurate Choice Of Words Was Very Helpful. I Also Love The Sincerity With Which You Wanted To Help.

Sameer Nigam, Gurgaon

Co- Founder And CEO

Thank You For Your Thorough Analysis – Truly Amazing At The Informative Insight You Have Provided. You Have Done An Outstanding Job And The Details You Mentioned Were At Par, I’ll Recommend Neha To Anyone Who Is Keen In Handwriting Analysis.

Shruti Upadhyay, Gurgaon

Professional IT Sales

Hi, Thanks For Taking The Time To Do The Analysis. The Report Of My Handwriting Analysis Just Blew My Mind Away. It Captured All Of My Personality Traits Perfectly. I Am Very Pleased With The Results Of This Test…They Are Completely Accurate, Right Down To The Tiniest Detail (For Example My Calmness In An Emergency Situation, My Tendency To Use Verbal Attacks Rather Than Physical And My Habit Of Bottling Up Emotions Until I Fly Off The Handle) I Never Thought This Analysis Would Be So In-Depth And Precise. I’d Highly Recommend It To Anyone Looking To Define Their Personality. Alongside Comments, Also Provided Solutions Which Is Great.

Prerna Singh, Gurgaon

Manager At Pvt Automotive

Hi. My Name Is Naysha Neha (Neha Rani).

Handwriting Is An Art. It Reflects Our Subconscious Mind On Piece Of Paper Through Our Way Perceived Of Handwriting.

As An Handwriting Analyst I Discovered How Magically I’ve Evolved To Manifest My Goals By Doing The Right Changes In My Handwriting. I’m Thankful To This Beautiful Art As Adding Science Helps Me Better Myself And My Own Growth In Life, My Strengths, Recognizing Red Flags, Knowing Areas To Improve, My Relationships Traits And Having Instant Solutions To Improve Through Self Changes And Handwriting Practice.

When I Can Do It, So Can You.
Being A Mindset Coach I’m On Lookout To Expand My Learning To Offer My Clients New Sets Of Creative Skills To Manifest Their Goals. Time For Spreading Magic In All!


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