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Nasrin Banu

B.A.(H) Economics, M.Sc. (Financial Economics), Certified Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Analytical Therapist, Delhi.

I Am On A Mission To Inspire And Empower 1 Million People To Be The Best Version Of Themselves. I Want To Help People Know Themselves Better So That They Can Realize, Improve, And Utilize Their True Potential In Achieving Their Goals And Taking Control Of Their Lives. 

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Dear Nasrin,
I Am Very Happy To Say That The Handwriting Analysis Was Very Helpful For Me.The Analysis You Have Provided To Me Was 99% Accurate To My Personality. The Analysis Given By You Has Revealed My Personality To Me. And Really, I Have Started Thinking About My Personality. The Strengths Of Mine That You Have Told Me Are Helping Me Become More Confident And Polish This Aspect Of My Personality. Whereas The Weaknesses Are So Accurate That I Was Amazed After Knowing How Someone Could Know Me. And At The Same Time, The Methods Provided By You To Overcome These Weaknesses As Well As My Fears Are So Helpful That They Are Adding To My Efforts To Achieve My Goals.
Thank You So Much.

Rehnuma, New Delhi

Student (Upsc Aspirant)

Hi Nasrin,
The Detailed Analysis Given By You To Both Of Us Was Amazing. It Was 98% Accurate.
We Are Both Very Surprised That A Handwriting Sample Could Reveal So Much About Our Personalities.Your Analysis Not Only Helped Us Know Ourselves Better, But It Also Helped Us Know Each Other Better.
Thank You Loads For That.  ❤
We Could Relate So Much To Your Analysis, And We Also Learned New Things About Ourselves. 
We Will Definitely Work On Our Areas Of Improvement, And We Promise To Do Grapho-Therapy Consistently. Thank You For The Analysis.

Dr. Nasra And Dr. Asif, Up


I Have Always Been Curious And Have Found Myself In Trouble When It Comes To Confronting And Aligning With My Thoughts.Defining And Differentiating Between My Personality Traits About What Things Actually Work Out For Me And What Things Don’t Has Always Been A Quest .

This Handwriting Analysis Has Been A Saviour For Me And To Improve , To Aim ,To Become My Best Version Ever. The Analysis Was 100℅ Accurate.

This Enlightening Session With Nasrin Ma’am, Has Helped Me A Lot To Get A Little Deeper And Have Better Insight Into My Strengths And Weaknesses .Doing This Grapho-Therapy Under Her Constant Guidance And Support Has Actually Polished My Strengths More And Has Only Amplified My Confidence And Belief In Myself.These Practical Writing Tasks Stirs So Many Emotions Within You And Helps You Get A Better Understanding Of Your Own Self. Commitment With Yourself To Improve Has Played An Important Role For Me .This Daily Practice Of Grapho-Therapy Has Brought So Much Discipline And Dedication In Me Towards Better Living And Enhanced My Chances Of Achieving What This Life Has In Store For Me.

I Am Very Grateful For This Beautiful Journey Of Actually Writing My Way Towards A Powerful Personality And Thankful To Nasrin Ma’am In Refining Me With Her Great And Accurate Analytical Skills.

Couldn’t Have Done It Without You, Ma’am.

Thanking You,

Gracee Nabiyal, Delhi

Student (Banking Aspirant)

Hi. My Name Is Nasrin Banu.

I Started This Journey Because I Wanted To Know Myself Better So That I Could Improve. And Also, I Was Very Curious To Know How Handwriting Can Reveal So Many Things About Oneself.

After Learning This Science And Practicing Grapho-Therapy, Not Only I But People Around Me Started Observing Changes In Me. They Started Appreciating Me. I Became More Confident, My Speaking Skills Improved, I Was Consistent In My Behavior, And In The Task I Was Performing, I Was Energetic And Happy. 

I Strongly Believe That If You Want To See The World Change, Start With Yourself. 

After Experiencing The Change Myself, I Decided To Spread This Knowledge To Others And Make Them Practice Grapho-Therapy. 

I Want To Make Them Aware Of Their Strengths, Their Areas Of Improvement, And Their Overall Personalities So That They Can Improve And Love Themselves And Their Lives. I Want People To Take Control Of Their Lives And Be The Best Versions Of Themselves.

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