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Namita Paul

Handwriting Analyst, Tarot Reading

I Want To Make People Aware Of The Science Of Handwriting And Help People To Understand Themselves Better. To Make Them Aware Of Their Strengths And Weaknesses To Work On It And To Be The Better Version Of Themselve And To Cope Up With Their Daily Life Problems.

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Hello Namita, Thank You For Your Analysis After Few Days Of Your Analysis I Observed Myself And I Got Some Of The Traits Actually Matches With Me.

Tina Gogoi

Hy I Really Loved Your Analysis, When You Told About All The Science Behind I Was Really Amazed Though We Are Friends For Years Now But Some Traits That You Mentioned I Was Really Stun.

Tisha Chakraborty

Hello, The Analysis That You Did Today Was So Accurate. Thank You So Much 🙂

Shreyashree Bhowmick

Hi. My Name Is Namita Paul

My Interest Of Learning About Human Behavior And Observing And Understand More About It, My Curiousness Landed Me To Learn This Amazing Science Of Handwriting Analysis Which Was My Best Decision. It Is Amazing How One Can Add A Trait Within Them Just By Changing The Strokes. It Is Really A Life Changing Journey

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