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Naina Tahiliani

Handwriting Analyst , Graphologist , M.A. , B.Ed. , CTET , A Teacher By Profession With 18 Years Of Experience.

My Mission Is To Reach Out And Help People To Understand Themselves Better And Improve Their Relationships. I Am Also Helping Children Not Do Develop Certain Traits By Correcting Their Handwriting From The Starting Of Their Pen Journey.

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It Was A Great Experience, I Was Able To Understand Myself Better And Think Rationally, I Realised My Strengths And Weaknesses Of Which I Wasn’t Consciously Aware And Made Me Work Up Upon That, It Was Highly Accurate, Relatable And Quite Enjoyable, Thank You.

Sahil Pamnani , Jaipur

Hello Ma’am Your Way Of Analysis Is. Excellent. Whatever You Told Me About Myself Is 100% Correct. I Am Thankful To You For Letting Me Know. I Completely Trust Every Single Thing You Said To Me. I Am Really Surprised That You Could Give Me Complete Things About My Personality Just From My Handwriting. Thank You So Much Naina Ma’am πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’πŸ’.

Jyoti Prajapati , Jaipur

Hello Mam , Apne Jo Mera Analysis Kiya Tha 90% Thik Tha Mujhe Realise Hua Ki Humari Writing Se Humare Personality Pe Itna Effect Ata Hai To Maine Bhi Ab Writing Shuru Ki Hai ,I Feel Change In My Life Thank U So Much Naina Mam

Simran Lakhani , Lucknow

Hi. My Name Is Naina Tahiliani

After A Two-Year Break From My Teaching Career Due To Personal And Health Issues, I Struggled With Continuous Writing. Discovering Imran Sir’s Instagram Ad Led Me To A 21-Day Workshop, Which Boosted My Confidence.

Now, I’m On A Mission To Help People, Especially Children, Improve Their Writing Skills In A Digital Age Where Pen And Paper Use Has Declined.
Thank You.

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