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Muruli C G


I Want To Reach 10,000,000 Lives With Help Of Handwriting Analysis And Graphotherapist And Make Them Understand The Power Of Pen With Knowledge I Have Gained And Improve Their Life In All Areas Health, Relationship , Career And Financial Of Life

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I’m Providing Feedback About Handwriting Analysis Done By My Cousin Muruli And He Did It Almost With A Accuracy Of 85% Almost Out Of 10 He Has Given 8 Exact Correct To Points About Myself I’m So Happy That He Has Something Special Power To Know About A Person Thanks To Him And Wish Him Success In This Journey.

Prasad, Bangalore

Senior Manager

I’m Providing Feedback Done By My Nephew And It Was Awesome Experience Where He Was Accurate About Me 90% And The Way He Shared Results Were Astonishing And Was Really Happy For His Knowing This Art.

Ranjini, Bangalore

Lead Engineer

This Is About My Brother Which He Has Done A Mind-blowing Job Taking This Handwriting Analysis And I Was Excited About How Accurate He Was About In Which He Spoke About My Behavior And Strengths And Weaknesses I Would Say Almost 95% I Would Accept He Is Very Clear About Myself.

Janaki, Bangalore

Sales Manager

Hi. My Name Is Muruli C G.

Before I Started Handwriting Analysis I Was Very Low In Self Esteem, Procrastination And Even My Health I Was Very Much Lazy And Was Not Having Confidence At All In Any Areas Of Life, But After Joining Or Started Learning Handwriting Analysis I Had Improved Myself So Much And I See A Different Me In Myself And Still I’m Learning And Will Improve More To Know This Science Of Handwriting And Grapho-Therapist And Also I’m On A Mission To Help 10,000,000 Lives As Serving Others Will Make Me Strong And Energized.

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