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Mubina Bhatia

Ba(Hons) Degree In Hospitality Management, Banker, Handwriting Analyst

My Mission Is To Help People Find Hope In Overcoming Infinite Challenges Through The Powerful Science Of Handwriting.

My Vision Is To Spread The Knowledge Of Graphotherapy In Places Where The Science Is Unheard Of And Most Needed. My Objective Is To Create A Positive Impact On The Lives Of Professionals And Specially Women And Children In My Country, Through The Practice Of Graphology And Graphotherapy.

I Aim To Impact The Lives Of At Least 50 People Every Year While Convincing Many To Take Up The Science And Become Professional Graphologists.

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Hello. My Name Is Tahhan Mawji. I Am An 11th Grade Student Of The Ib Curriculum. I Live In Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. I Was Actually Pushed Into Taking Up Graphotherapy By My Family Members. At First I Was Sceptical, Found It Boring And Difficult. My Analysis Showed High Levels Of Frustration And Minimum Concentration Span. Today, I Actually Look Forward To Waking Up Early To Practice My Patterns. I Am Calmer And More Focused In What I Do. I Am Looking Forward To Seeing More Changes In Myself. It’s Awesome!

Tahhan Mawji, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

11th Grade Student

My Name Is Ravinder Kaur Bhamra. I Am A Cosmetologist By Profession And Live In Eldoret, Kenya. At First When Mubina Introduced Me To The Graphology She Was Doing, I Was Very Unsure. However, Because I Admire Her Productive Nature And Seeing The Way She Is Always Venturing Into New Projects, I Let Her Analyse My Handwriting. I Was Amazed At The Results And Asked, ‘ What Next?’. How Can I Improve On Some Traits? She Then Brought Out The Pattern Book. I Thoght To Myself, I Did This In Nursery School. Anyway, Because I Have Faith In Mubina, I Started To Do The Patterns And Write My Thoughts. Today, I Look Forward To Starting My Day With Graphotherapy. I Am So Focused, My Brain Released A Lot Of Memories, I Am Slowly Coming Out Of My Shell And Anxious To Work On Bettering My Life.

I Find I Now Have To Finish What I Start And Will Do Anything To Get Things Completed. I Am Ever So Grateful To Mubina And The Universe.

Ravinder Kaur Bhamra, Eldoret, Kenya


Hello. I Am Karamjit Rehal, From Kisumu, Kenya. I Am A Housewife And Also A Widow. My Life Has Been Full Of Problems And Depressing Moments. I Have Been Receiving Reiki Treatments And All Sorts Of Alternate Therapies. One Day, My Friend Told Me About The Practice Of Handwriting For Better Health. I Decided To Get My Handwriting Analysed. After The Analysis Which Was So True, I Agreed To Practice Handwriting. Today I Feel Very Relaxed And When Am Stressed I Start These Patterns Which Helps Me Forget, Am Happy Mostly, Even The Tough Situations Seem To Be Getting Better. I Enjoy These Patterns And Want To Improve Even More. Thank You 🙏👍

Karamjit Rehal, Kisumu, Kenya

Hi. My Name Is Mubina Bhatia .

My Journey Into The Magical World Of Graphology And Graphotherapy Began Out Of Curiosity. I Wanted To Experience First Hand, The Invisible Change Which I Had Heard Of From A Practicing Graphologist.

I Enrolled Myself And Started Off On This Skeptical Yet, Interesting Escapade.
Surely, Just Two Weeks Into The Practice, My Colleagues At Work Started To Comment That I Had Changed For The Better. I Even Look Better ! They Could Not Understand But, I Knew The Magic. Yes, Graphotherapy Is Working!

I Continued On The 21 Day Journey And Started To Note Many Positive Changes In Myself. I Am More Collective In Making Decisions.
I Handle Challenges With A Positive Mindset.
I Even Have The Energy And Focus To Deal With The Many Plans I Have Envisioned For Myself.
I Have Now Moved Forward And Made The Decision To Embrace Graphology And Graphotherapy Whole Heartedly.

Daily I Identify People Who Have The Right To Live A Better Life. I Want To Be The One To Give Them This Scientific Yet, Magical Prescription Of Graphotherapy.

One Man Cannot Change The World. Hence, I Want To Be An Example And Hope To Creating Many More Graphologists And Graphotherapists.

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