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Ms. Sheetal Merchant

Teacher, Certified Handwriting Analyst and Grapho Analytical Therapist, Numerologist.

As a handwriting analyst, my mission is to unveil the unique qualities in terms of strengths and foibles of individuals’ personalities and emotions through the art of handwriting analysis. By decoding the nuances of penmanship, I aim to provide valuable insights that foster self-awareness, personal growth, and enhanced interpersonal understanding. I as a Grapho Analytical Therapist want to ardently support people to unleash their hidden potentials and lead a happy and satisfying life.

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Dear Sheetal, I was amazed to see what some lines can reveal about your personality. Your analysis was accurate to almost 99 percent. It was an amazing experience and would surely want to work on my areas of improvement with your support.

Rita Ved, Mumbai

Home Maker

Very accurate and perfectly describes in detail my character from handwriting analysis by Ms Sheetal Merchant.It was so accurate and also addresses my main issues and problems. She suggested me some specific changes in my handwriting and I just started doing the exercises.

Sejal Sampat, Mumbai

Marketing Manager

Ms. Sheetal is my colleague since past 4 years and have since her since school days. I have always been curious to know more about myself and when I got to know that she is pursuing this course about knowing more about a person through a written piece, I was excited. I gave her a handwritten paragraph and eagerly awaited the analysis. The way Ms. Sheetal read my personality with all the minute details, she was bang on. I was amazed especially when she could see all the emotions running through me as clearly as water. All the character traits that she mentioned in her observations were correct up to 99.99%. I would like to know more about myself and take her guidance in the form of any therapy, that she suggests to make myself a better person.

Ms. Jigisha, Mumbai


Hi. My Name Is Ms. Sheetal Merchant

Hi! I am Sheetal Merchant, an enthusiastic teacher by profession and desire to be a lifelong learner. When I came across this science via social media, it tickled my curiosity and I wanted to know more about it. But as I dived into this enormous ocean my thirst grew more.

I had never imagined that by understanding the subconscious messages conveyed in our handwriting, individuals can make positive changes, cultivate strengths, and navigate life with greater clarity and purpose. It was not only possible but it was so easy to metamorphosis one’s own life as well as others by practicing certain strokes.

While writing grapho therapy, I myself have experienced positive shifts in my personality, my relationship with my loved ones and my health. I would like to promulgate this science further and commit to bring in positive change and add value to each life that connects with me and be a part of this beautiful journey.

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