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Ms. Bhavani Arun

Founder - Upskill Minds

My Mission Is To Empower Individuals And Organizations To Realize Their Full Potential By Bridging Gaps, Fostering Growth Mindsets, And Cultivating Personal And Professional Fulfilment.

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“I Had An Incredible Experience Sharing My Handwriting For Analysis, And I Was Amazed By The Accuracy—95% Spot-On! It’s Truly A Remarkable Way To Gain Insight Into Oneself. I’m Grateful For The Eye-Opening Revelations And Look Forward To Connecting Again Soon. Thank You For This Enlightening Journey!”

Ms. Deepika Gupta, Bangalore

Content Creator

Hi Bhavani! I Am Really Amazed To See The Abstract Of My Life Journey Through My Handwriting. Your Analysis On My Handwriting Are Impressive ,All The Aspects You Covered And Explanation You Said Are 90-95% Matches For Me. Had A Great Experience. Way To Go Bhavani!

Vijay Neethiraj, Bangalore

Founder IOT Company

“Wow! My Grapho Therapy Session And Handwriting Analysis Were Beyond Amazing—100% Spot-On! I’m Utterly Surprised By How Accurately My Handwriting Revealed My Thoughts And Behavior. You’ve Truly Shown Me The Mirror, And Now I’m Motivated To Work On Myself And Make Those Changes. With Your Guidance, I See A Better Version Of Me Emerging. Thank You, Bhavani, For Being The Best Coach I Could Ask For. Forever Grateful And Full Of Love, Amulya.”

Amulya M , Bangalore

Student (Pursing CA)

Hi. My Name Is Ms. Bhavani Arun

Handwriting Analysis And Grapho Therapy Have Revolutionized My Life. Understanding My Inner Thoughts And Behavioural Patterns Has Brought Clarity To My Reactions And Responses. These Practices Have Eased My Stress, Significantly Reduced Anger Issues, And Enhanced My Focus While Combating Procrastination.

Now, I’m Dedicated To Sharing This

Transformative Journey With Others, Empowering Professionals To Rewrite Their Thoughts And Propel Their Careers Toward Success And Fulfilment.


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