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Mrudulini Ohol

Professional Handwriting Analyst

Transforming Lives And Shaping Personalities Through Handwriting Analysis And Guidance. Handwriting Analysis Has The Potential To Improve Life By Changing Negative Personality Traits And Developing Overall Personality. Help In Changing Handwriting Style That Brings A Positive Change In Personality.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

I Was Surprised To Know All What You Told Me Mrudulini Based On My Handwriting Analysis. What Began As Curiosity Went Much More Into Details Of Understanding This Science And My Personality Traits. Everything You Told About Me Is Nearly 95% True And Gave Me More Clarity About My Self Esteem And Stubbornness. Thank You So Much For Giving Your Time For Analyzing My Nature.

Kavita Kashid, Pune,


It Was An Enjoyable And Interesting Session On Handwriting Analysis. Initially I Was Not Sure As To What You Are Trying To Discover Out Of My Handwriting But After The Feedback I Was Thrilled To Know Your Response And Accuracy Of The Same.
All Observations Are Too Close And The Minute Details Are Worth Knowing. Overall, It Has Helped Me Know Myself Better And Deeper Understanding Of My Traits. Thanks A Ton Mrudulini For Analysis And Understanding Myself Better.

Madhavi, Pune,

Government Employee

First Of All I Would Like To Thank You For Choosing My Handwriting As One Of The Samples For Your Analysis Work.
The Handwriting Analysis You Did For Me Was Comprehensive And Detailed. Prior To This Experience, I Was Not Aware Of How Much Handwriting Can Reveal About A Person. It Covered Facets Of Personality, Traits, Strengths. I Normally Do Not Believe In These Things, But In My Case The Handwriting Analysis Was 96% Accurate. The Analysis You Did For Me Was As If I Was Reading Myself. It Was Too Good, Great Work Mrudulini.

Sunil Kashid, Pune,

Automobile Industry

Hello Everyone I Am MRUDULINI OHOL.

Based Out Of Pune, Mrudulini Ohol, Handwriting Analyst And Grapho Analytical Therapist Certified From International Council Of Graphologist Will Help Individuals In Shaping Their Personalities And Transform Their Lives With The Help Of Graphology.

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