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Mrudul J Bhamare

M Sc, M Phil, B Ed, Teacher & Healer

My Mission Is ” To Make A Positive Difference In The Lives Of People, Help People To Improve Their Lives, To Make The World A Happy And Better Place For Living”

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I Got My Handwriting And Signature Analysis By Mrudul. I Didn’t Know Much About Graphology . I Was Surprised When She Pinpointed Some Of My Traits. She Gave Me A Very Good Sketch Of My Character, Good And Bad. She Even Pointed Out Some Changes I Have To Make So That I Can Bring About Positive Changes In My Life. I Endorse That The Analysis Was 90 % Correct.

Chitra Prasad, Trivandrum


I Was Pleasantly Surprised To Know My Hidden Traits Of My Personality Identified By Mrudul From My Handwriting. The Analysis Given To Me Is 100% Correct. What Mrudul Told Me About My Signature Is Also Right. I Will Implement The Suggestions Given To Me. Thank You Mrudul.

Dr Pramod Pawar, Jalgaon


Mrudul Aunti, You Are Great. I Am Very Impressed You Told Me About Myself Which Is 100% Correct. I Will Make Changes As Suggested By You. Thank You.

Needhi Somawanshi, Pune

Home Maker

Hi. My Name Is Mrudul J Bhamare.

I Am A Teacher And Healer. I Have Travelled From Student To A Teacher, To Councellor To Life Guide And Mentor. In This Journey Of Life, I Have Learnt Chakra Balancing, Relief, Advance Ho’oponopono Healing, Law Of Attraction, Numerology, Ancestral Healing, PLR (Past Life Regression) Therapy.

This Knowledge Helped Me In Exploring And Knowing Various Facets Of Human Personality, Hidden Traits And Helped Me Finding Solutions, To Make The Lives Happier.

It Is Heartening Experience To Be Able To Make A “Positive Difference” In The Lives Of People And Contribute To The Well Being Of The Society.

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