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Mridulla Tirkey

I Am On A Mission To Learn , Earn , Serve ! To Empower 5 Lakh Human Beings To Fall In Love With Writing To Empower Themselves By Self Awareness To Take Responsibility Of Their Life, Happiness, Health- Mental, Physical And Spiritual, Relationship And Career To Be The Best Version Of Self.

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I Was Referred By One Of My Friends For Handwriting Analysis And Was Surprised To Know How My Handwriting Portrayed My Behavior. It Was An Amazing Experience. From My Handwriting Mrs Mridulla Was Able To Highlight My Strength And Weakness. The Accurate Analysis Which I Was Also Not Aware Of, Gave Me Encouragement And Motivation To Move In Life Fearlessly. Thank You.

Shilachi Tirkey, Ranchi


I Found My Graphology Feedback On My Hand Writing By Mrs Mridulla Tirkey Outstanding. She Spoke With A Clear And Natural Voice And I Discovered The Painstakingly Insightful Observations, While Genuine, Were Disarming. She Did It With Appropriate Style And Substance. I Liked The Scientific And Extraordinary, That Cut Through Irrational Biases And Felt Redeemed And Validated. Over All The Counselling Was Extremely Beneficial.

Hemant Srivastava, Ranchi


After Getting The Result From My Analyst, I Was Shocked As Well As Amazed By Knowing The Fact That Handwriting Can Also Be Analysed. It Was Fantastic How Each Aspect Of My Personality Was Highlighted By My Analyst. After Getting The Result From My Analyst I Was Fascinated By How She Accurately Pointed Some Point Which I Never Use To Acknowledge, Even Though I Knew Some Flaws On My Trait But I Never Gave Emphasis To Improvise On That. The Report Given By My Analyst Was Around 80% Accurate But This 80% Is Damn Huge As I Never Expected Anyone To Know About Myself Just By Analysing My Handwriting. This Technique Of Analysing Handwriting And Knowing Flaws On Yourself Can Help Myself Improving In A Lot Of Sectors Of My Life Whether It Is Physical, Or Mental, It Could Benefit In Either Ways.



Always A Caregiver, Come From A Humble Background Of A Loving Family. Born A Daughter, A Sister To My Siblings, Became A Wife, Mother And A Grandmother .. It Was Never Enough That I Could Do For Anyone.. Perhaps , It Was An Unfulfilled Life Which Drove Me To Uncountable Webinars To Find My Calling.. Finally, It Was A Webinar By Mr Imran Baig, Which Helped Me In Finding My True Calling. Deep Gratitude

Hi. My Name Is Mridulla Tirkey

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