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Mousumee Bori


My Mission As A Professional Handwriting Analyst Is To Impart This Great Skill To 1 Million People. Enable & Help Them To Get Tremendous Benefits So That Their Life State Gets Transformed And Elevated By Practising Graphotherapy.

I Believe It Is Very Much Essential To Spread Awareness Of This Great Knowledge And I Am Sincerely Committed To It.

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I Am Very Pleased To Know How Handwriting Analysis Can Define Someone’s Personality So Accurately. I Have Never Heard Of This Skill Before But I Feel Very Fortunate Enough To Know About It From Mousumee Bori Ma’am. The Report Of My Handwriting Analysis Were Completely Accurate, Right Down To The Tiniest Details. It Captured All Of My Personality Traits Perfectly. It Is A Wonderful And Interesting Course.

When I Came To Know That We Can Know Our Personality Through Our Handwriting I Was So Excited To Know My Personality. At First Mousumee Bori Baa Tell Me The Whole Process That How Can We Know Our Personality Through Our Handwriting. I Do The All Procedure As Per The Rules. After One Day I Got The Result And I Was So Amazed That The Accuracy Of The Analysis Of My Personality Was Perfectly Similar To Mine. I Believe That Mousumee Bori Baa Will Be A Good Handwriting Analyst In Future. I Am Very Happy With The Whole Process And The Skills Of The Mousumee Bori Baa.

Shiva Prasad Hazarika, Lakhimpur,Assam


The Analysis On The Content Of My Handwriting Was Really Mind Blowing. Most Of Detailed Explanations Made Point Wise Are Matching With Me. Even Though I Am Having Different Opinion In One Of The Points, I Am Satisfied. I Am Overwhelmed And Also Surprisingly Pleased That You Have Excelled To Have Great Command Over The Subject Which Was Not Known To Me. I Wish That You Get More In-Depth Knowledge And All Success In This Venture. At Last I Request You To Help Me To Elevate My Low Facets With Your Great Skills Of Graphotherapy.

Snigdha Tapan Saikia, Mumbai

Lcc Engineer (Chemist)

I Am Mousumee Bori, An Engineer By Profession.

Writing Is Also My Passion. Handwriting Fascinating Me Since My Childhood. But The Scientific Aspects In Handwriting, I Was Not Aware Of Till I Came Across Imran Baig Sir.

Practising This Great Skill Has Transformed My Life To A Great Positive Extent. The Benefit I Experienced From This Great Skill Is Immense. It Would Be Great Help For Every Individual And Society At Large If This Skill Is Spread And Imbibed The Benefits By Them. This Is What I Determined For.

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