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Megha Khattar

IT Professional, Certified Professional Handwriting Analyst, Grapho Therapist, and a student for a lifetime because I am enthusiastic about learning new skills

I am on a mission to unleash the potential of 1 million people by identifying their personality traits and empowering them to shape their future by inculcating positive traits, overcoming their fears, and areas of improvement.

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I generally don’t believe in astrology or numerology etc. I had heard about handwriting analysis and that handwriting of a person can give you judgment about the personality of the person. Since it was an offer posted by you on a Kharadi info group free of cost. So I casually tried to know about my personality with the intention to judge you. Never thought that I will believe you. Since your analysis spoke a lot to the point about my personality, which surprised me. I will rate you a very good handwriting analyst. I hope my analysis will be kept secret with you. I wish you good success in your life.

G. K. Khurana, Pune

Retired Defense Personnel

The analysis by Megha was surprisingly close to reality. The numerous traits both positive and negative identified were found by me to be true. I would rate this handwriting analysis excellent and closest to my actual self.

Sudha Khan, Pune


I am stunned by the in-depth analysis of my personality traits. I am perplexed, by how handwriting could tell everything about me. Moreover, the grapho-therapy that Megha recommended to me, helped me a lot. Within a short span of time, I found myself relaxed, and focused and my overall outlook toward life has changed. This is a neglected science, people are ignorant about it. I am grateful to the Almighty who has made me realize its benefits during the time when I needed it the most.

Amit Kumar, UP


Hi. My Name Is Megha Khattar .

My journey as a Handwriting Analyst is quite captivating. I was going through a rough phase in my life.
I felt blessed because I came across the ‘Science of Graphology’, where I discovered the power to change our lives lies within us.

I realized the traits in my handwriting and worked on my strengths, fears, and weaknesses. After transforming my life and reaping the benefits of this science, I decided to return back to the society by creating magic in their life.


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