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Meenatchi Devi K


My Mission Is To Help 100,000 Teachers And High School Students Live A Happy And Healthy Life Every Single Day Through Grapho Analytical Therapy

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My Personality Assessed Through The Handwriting Technology Is Good. The Assessment Given Is 90% Works Out Well On My Character. This Technique Of Finding A Person’s Character Is Very New To Me And It’s Entirely Different From The Palmology And The Astrology. Overall It Is Good And I Would Like To Know More About It And Through That I Want To Improve My Character Personality My Talent . Thank You

G.K.Shanthi , Chennai


Most Of The Predictions Are Correct And Help Me To Correct Myself. The Last Portion Of The Opinion Which Is About The Improvement Is Highly Helpful. Thank You. If You Want To Rate This Opinion, I Will Give 90 Score To 100. 90/100. Thank You

M.Vilvanathan , Chennai


First Time I Heard From Her, Our Handwriting Reflect Our Personality And She Explained How Our Writing Hand Three Fingers Connected With Brain ,How Our Hand Writing Pressure Reflected Our Safety Measurement Very Well It Matches With My Personality 90% Also She Explained Very Well, How To Change My Handwriting Way To Improve My Personality



Hi. My Name Is Meenatchi Devi K

I’m Meenatchi Devi K. After 33 Years As A Teacher, I’m Now A Certified Grapho Analytical Therapist. I’ve Spent Decades Helping Students Chase Their Dreams, And Today, My Goal Is To Help 100,000 Teachers And High School Students Enjoy A Happier, Healthier Life Every Day. Let’s Make Every Day Brighter, Together!”

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