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Medha A Balikere

Bachelor Of Science, Mdse ( Software Engineer),Entrepreneur, Handwriting Analyst, Grapho-Analytical Therapist

My Mission Is To Create Awareness And Bring The Fascinating Science Of Self-Discovery To The Grass-Root Level. I’m Dedicated To Help 1 Million Individuals Recognise And Embrace Their Own Unique Personality, Strengths, And Untapped Potential. I Aim To Empower Individuals To Overcome Their Fears And Limitations, Gain A Deep Understanding Of Their Inner Selves, And Develop A Profound Love And Acceptance For Who They Truly Are.
Through My Mission, I Strive To Foster Personal Growth, Confidence, And Transformation, Enabling Individuals To Lead Fulfilling And Purposeful Lives.

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The Analysis Went Pretty Well And Yes, I’m Really Amazed About How Ma’am Told Everything About Me, Just By Going Through My Handwriting. And The Part Which I Really Liked Was When She Told About The Way, How I Think Of Myself. Lately, It Has Very Hard For Me To Figure Out Things In My Life As I Would Keep Almost Everything To Myself. But Medha Ma’am Helped Me By Giving Me A Blue-Print Of How Exactly I Do Things In My Life. She Guided Me On How I Can Have Control Over Myself And Be Myself Without Any Hesitation. Although I Haven’t Met Medha Ma’am Till Today, But She Knows So Much About Me And That Is So Cool. I Loved Talking To You Ma’am, And If I Ever Needed Therapy, You Will Be The First Person I Would Go To. Thank You For Giving Me Your Time And Precious Knowledge. Thank You Very Much.

Afnan P, Bangalore

College Student

Medha Madam’s Analysis Of My Handwriting Was 100% Accurate. I, Myself Am Not Able To Read My Handwriting Sometimes, But Medha Ma’am Was Very Attentive To Details. She Has Brought Out The Best In Me By Telling Me All My Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities And Fears. I, Thank Medha Ma’am A Million Times For Choosing Me As Her Student For My Better Future. May God Bless Her And Give Her Loads Of Success In This Endeavor. Thank You.

Aneel M R, Muscat Oman

Qhse Administrator

I Would Like To Thank Mrs. Medha For Taking The Time To Do My Handwriting Analysis . Extremely Accurate Descriptions Were Given About Every Aspect Of My Personality. I Am Amazed At How 99.99% Accurate This Is. It’s So True Fact, About My Personality.

Dr. Manasa .T.V, Bangalore

Medical Practioner

Namaste!! My Name Is Medha Balikere

I’m An Entrepreneur With A Diverse Background In It, Brand Building, Hospitality Industry, Who’s Ardent About Grapho-Therapy And Handwriting Analysis. This Powerful Science Of Self-Discovery Holds The Key To Unlocking The Amazing Potential Within The Human Personality.

In Today’s Internet-Driven Society, It’s The Need Of An Hour To Find A Way To Connect With Oneself And Others In A More Meaningful And Holistic Manner.

Through My Own Experiences, I Have Witnessed The Profound Impact Handwriting Analysis Had On Me And Other Individuals . It Helps With Learning, Creativity, And Problem-Solving. Even Small Changes In Handwriting Can Bring Desired Changes In Personality.

As A Mother To Three Kids With A Significant Age Gap, I Was Curious About My Kids’ Differences And Analysing Their Handwriting Provided Deep Insights Into Their Personalities Which Could Help Me Understand Them Better. This Sparked A Desire To Help Others, Especially Children Struggling To Express Themselves And Understand Their Emotions.

This Realization Struck Me Like A Lightbulb Moment, Compelling Me To Create Awareness At Grass-Root Level Among Students And Parents About This Remarkable Science.

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