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Mayur Pote

Certified Handwriting Analyst & Grapho Analytical Therapist

I Am On A Mission To Help 1 Million People To Become Better Version Of Yourselves & Empower You To Achieve Your Dreams Using The Power Of Pen & Your Own Handwriting.

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Hi This Is Lokesh From Hyderabad. Mayur Is My Best Friend Counselor. We Met 5 Months Back And We Are In Verge Of Finding Our Passions. One Day He Said That He Was Learning And Practicing Handwriting Analysis Course, Which Will Help In Knowing Myself Will You Try. I Thought Let Give A Try Why Not And Nodded For Him And Given My Handwriting Sample To Him. After Few Days When He Started Sharing His Analysis From 2nd Point Only My Jaw Was Down ������ Because He Was Saying What I Only Know And Which I Kept Secret For My Self Only Even My Parents Don’t Know. I Thought How He Did It In 90% Are Correct And Surrendered And Said What To Do He Has Given Me Correction In Letters And I Started Practicing It. I Thought How He Got The God Powers ��� To Look Into My Life And What I Was Exactly Doing. And After Somedays Of Practicing I Stared Feeling Some Difference In Me I Was Speaking For Myself Which I Was Not Doing Before, Thank You For That. After 15 Days I Have My 2nd Sample In That Also I Got 85% Correct I Thought What A Man He Is Knowing Everything By Seeing My Writing Only And Started Trusting More And In Verge Of Building My Self Again To Become Best Version. Thank You So Much Mayur And Graphotherapy

Lokesh Jami, Hyderabad

Mayur Your Analysis Was Just Perfect And This Is Something New To Me And It’s Unbelievable. I Am Super Impressed And Surely Going Ahead With Grapho Therapy To Change My Personality. Thank You

Suman Manjrekar, Mumbai

At First I Was A Bit Sceptical That How Can Handwriting Reveal Anything About The Sub Conscious Thinking. But, After Your Analysis And The Detailing That You Gave, I Was Highly Impressed. Great Skill To Have. Would Love To Recommend To My Peers To Contact You For This. Cheers.

Swapnil Pandey, Lucknow

Hi. My Name Is Mayur Pote.

Namaste, I Am B. Tech Instrumentation Engineer Turned Professional Handwriting Analyst & Grpaho Analytical Therapist.

I Have Been Fascinated With Law Of Attraction & Stuff Related To Subconscious Mind When I Came Across Handwriting Analysis & Grapho Therapy Using Which I Have Transformed Myself Into New Me Who Is Unstoppable, Confident.

Now I Am On A Mission To Help 1 Million People To Get Same Transformation Using The Power Of Pen Through Handwriting Analysis & Grapho Therapy.

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