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Mayank Agrawal

Handwriting Analyst And Certified Ho'oponopono Healer

I, Am On A Mission Of Helping 5,00,000 Adult And 5,00,000 Children’s With The Help Of Handwriting And Making Them The Better Version Of Themselves With A Tool Which Is Readily Available.

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I Was At First Suspectible To Know About That Handwriting Could Say About My Personality And My Fears But When I Got My Handwriting Analysed By Mr. Mayank It Not Just Gave Me An Insight On How My Own Fears Are Stopping Me From Achieving The Best Potential Of What Could I Achieve. Thanks To Mayank That He Helped Me Analysed My Handwriting And Suggest Me Grapho Therapy For Better Results.

Krishna Agarwal, Delhi

Business Owner

I Would Say It Was Just Amazing, Mayank Did My Analysis And Gave Me Insight On How Just By Changing Few Strokes In My Handwriting Could Not Only Change The Way My Life Would Be In One Direction But In All Areas Of Life (Health, Relationship, Career And Money). With Grapho Therapy And Mayank’s Guidance I’m Going To Make This Year The Best Year Of My Life.

Mehak Agarwal, Siliguri, India

Graphic Designer

In Simple Words, It Was 100% Accurate Of Whatever Mayank Said By Looking Into My Handwriting And I Was Highly Inspired To Take The Action Towards My Future Growth And I Highly Recommend Getting Your Signature And Handwriting Analysed By Mayank.

Md Yasmeen, Hyderabad

Associate Professor

Hi. My Name Is Mayank Agrawal.

Coming From A Humble Background With A Passion For Pen And Paper Made In Love With Handwriting And When I Came To Know About It That Was The Moment

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