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Manoj Patil

B.Tech. Information Technology, Professional Handwriting Analyst

I Am On A Mission To Make 1 Million People To Connect With Their True Self To Achieve Maximum Growth In Career Using Their Power Of Handwriting.

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Thanks Manoj. Your Analysis Mostly Explained My Behaviors In Most Of The Life Areas. Though I Am Familiar With My Own Strengths And Defenses, I Am Looking Towards Things To Improve In Future. I Have Reasons To Justify Why I Have Those Improvements To Be Done, But Yes, I Understand That Only Through Actions I Can Get There. Again Thank You Very Much For Taking Your Time For Helping Me.

Dr. Avinash Patil, Shahada

Mbbs, Orthopaedic Surgeon

The Analysis Is About 98% Accurate. This Is Wonderful And I Thought How Come You Know So Much About My Personality. You Rightly Pointed Out My Strengths And Fears Which I Have Been Encountering In Recent Past. I Am Now Focused On How I Can Take On My Areas Of Improvements And Through Right Actions. I Will Definitely Recommend The Handwriting Analysis To My Friends And Staff Members. Thank You Manoj.

Surprising! Your Analysis Matches 100% With My Personality. It Mirrored My True Nature And I Am Inspired To Take Actions For Future Improvements. I Believe, Your Analysis Made Me Think With Greater Understanding Of Myself Which I Had Not Experienced Before. I Am Very Happy To Receive The Analysis And Thank You !

Reena Patil, Pune

It Professional

Hello, I Am Manoj Patil.

During My Journey As A Handwriting Analyst, I Experienced Self-Healing While Analyzing Other People’s Handwriting.

I Am Now Comfortable & Can Relate To More People With Different Personality Traits Much Better Than Before.I Believe Everyone Should Acquire This Life-Skill Which Helps Us To Connect To Our True-Self And To Achieve Our Life Goals.

This Is Why I Have A Mission To Share The Science & Power Of Handwriting With The World.

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