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Manjusha Sehra

MBA And B.Tech In Information Technology, Calligraphy Expert, Vedic Maths Expert, Handwriting Analyst, And Graphologist.

I’m On A Mission To Unite Millions Of Minds And Hearts From All Over The World In Order To Strengthen And Bring Out Their True Potential Through Handwriting And Personalized Grapho-Therapy.

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Manjusha Ma’am Explained To Me How Grapho-Therapy Can Help You Reduce Stress And Empower Yourself. I Was Initially Taken Aback And Wondered How Handwriting Analysis Could Help With These Issues. I Began With A Handwritten Page In A Manual That She Analysed. The Report Surprised Me Even More Because It Most Accurately Reflected My Personality And I Could See More Clearly What Kind Of Flaws I May Need To Work On, Something I Failed To See In My Daily Life But Was Very Obvious When Ma’am Discussed My Report. She Not Only Explained Well, But She Also Conducted A Thorough Analysis Of Subtopics Such As Self, Relationships, Modes Of Thinking, And So On. I Am Very Excited To Begin.

Punya Pillai , Delhi

College Lecturer

Getting Handwriting Analysis Is An Amazing Experience. It’s An Encouraging And Intriguing Read. Everyone In This Difficult World Needs Grapho-Therapy Because It Trains And Strengthens The Mind And Teaches The Way To Live Happily.

Dr. Anjali Arora, Chandigarh


I Was Wondering How One Can Change Or Improve His Or Her Life Simply By Changing The Way We Write Letters. Manjusha Sehra Was The One Who Convinced Me To Believe And Work On It. First, She Educated Me On The Benefits And Drawbacks Of My Personality Trait And Assisted Me In Areas Where Improvement Was Needed. I Must Say That Thanks To Her Guidance, I’ve Begun To Live My Life In A Very Different Way.

Meghali Nadwani, Karnal


Hi. My Name Is Manjusha Sehra .

I Founded Winaum Learning In Gurgaon. My Passion Is Teaching Students Proper Handwriting Techniques. My Decades Of Experience In Teaching Writing And Math Skills To Children Has Led Me Here To Do Grapho-Therapy With Adults In Order To Empower Their Mind, Improve Their Personality, And Increase Their Productivity.

I Offer My Services To The World In Order To Transform People’s Lives And Nurture A Perfect Way Of Living In Any Circumstance.

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