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Manjunath Nadagoud

Master Of Engineering

As A Professional Handwriting Analyst I Was To Reach Out To 1m People To Provide Deeper Understanding And Insights Into The Individual’s Psychological Makeup, As Well As To Assist In Personal Development, Career Counseling, And Other Relevant Areas.

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Handwriting Analysis Is Something That I’ve Always Found Intriguing And I Recently Had The Opportunity To Get My Handwriting Analysis Done By Manjunath Nadagoud. The Experience Was Nothing Less Than Amazing Because I Could Relate To Whatever He Told About My Traits And While There Certainly Are Some Strengths That I’m Very Proud Of, There Are Challenging Areas Which Require My Efforts Towards Improvement. The Analysis Done By Sir Was Shockingly Accurate Like, I’d Give It A 99/100 And That’s Pretty Great. To End It With I’m Grateful That I Got This Experience And It Was A Pleasant Reminder That There Are Things To Be Proud About Just As Much As There Are Things That Can Be Enhanced. Thank You :)) –

Anusri, Bengaluru


My Handwriting Analysis Was Done By Manjunath Nadagoud , It Was Surprising To Know How Much A Person’s Handwriting Speaks Through Strokes. I Resonated With Various Things Like Execution, Temper, Keeping Things To Myself And It Gave Me A Lot To Think About In General. This Session Motivated Me To Work More On My Flaws And Also Do My Research On This Exciting Science Of Handwriting. Overall It Was Great To Listen To Manjunath’s Perspective On Various Things About Life In General And I Really Enjoyed This Proficient Session. –

Ansh, Bengaluru


The Interaction I’ve Had With Mr.Manjunth With Regards To My Handwriting Analysis Has Been Wonderful. He Was Accurate In Most Of The Observations. Moreover, I’ve Felt Like I’m Talking To A Therapist Rather Than An Analyst. The Questions Were Comprehensible Too. It’s Good To Know About Ourselves Through Our Handwriting. It Is Incredibles That Handwriting Can Say So Much About Our Personalities. Keep It Up 🙂 –

Sharin, Bengaluru

Home Engineer

I Am Manjunath Nadagoud Handwriting Analyst

I Got To Analyze The People’s Handwriting Samples And Tell Them About Their Base Of Personality.

By Gaining A Better Understanding Of Our Own Personalities And Behaviors, We Can Make More Informed Decisions And Live More Fulfilling Lives.

This Is Why I Offer My Services As A Handwriting Analyst To The World, In The Hopes Of Helping Individuals Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Themselves And Their Potential.

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