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Manju Varma

Teacher | Handwriting Analyst

I Want To Contribute To Improving People’s Lifestyle, Personal And Professional By Analyzing Their Handwritings And Providing Them With Corrective Measures. Professionally, I Am A Teacher And I Look Forward To Helping My Students. It’s Easier To Train One’s Mind And Adapt To Changes At A Younger Age.

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This Is In Reference To The Handwriting Analysis Done By Ms. Manju Varma. Out Of Curiosity I Got My Handwriting Analyzed And To My Surprise The Analysis Shared By Ms. Manju Varma Was Correct And Accurate To An Extent. I Was So Surprised To Know Things About My Personality Which I Never Guessed Or Acknowledged About Myself Earlier. The Handwriting And Signature Analysis Gave Out Quite Specific Traits About My Personality, Along With The Certain Behavior/Habits I Wasn’t Aware About At All. I Never Thought This Analysis Would Be So In-Depth And Precise. I Am Extremely Pleased And Satisfied With The Results Of This Analysis Shared – From Broader Habits To Penning Down To The Tiniest Detail (About My Habit Of Bottling Up Emotions Until I Fly Off The Handle Or Tendency To Over Think With Emotions) Was Like An Eye Opener For Me. I Never Knew That Handwriting Could Unfold So Much About Your Personality In So Much Depth. Ms. Manju Varma Is Aware About Her Subject And Has Gained Knowledge On The Same- In Context To Sharing Advice, Or To Take Corrective Measures For Better Future Gains. Would Really Like To Thank Ms. Manju Varma For Doing This For Me And I Must Say What You Are Doing Is Not Less Than Magic. I Would Highly Recommend Everyone To Take A Stab At It And You Will Be Happily Surprised To Know How Much Your Handwriting Can Disclose About You.

Mahima Varma, Gurgaon

Advertising Professional

This Is In Reference To The Handwriting Analysis Done By Ms. Manju Varma. I Would Like To Share That The Analysis, Based On My Handwritten Paragraph, Was Mostly Accurate, And Surprisingly So. I Always Believed That A Person’s True Nature Or Character Can Be Read Through Various Personality Traits, Behavioral Patterns, And Physical Gestures, But It Is Astonishing To See How Much A Person’s Handwriting Can Giveaway. This Analysis Revealed Some Insights About Me, Ones That I Wasn’t Aware Of, Or Ones That I Didn’t Acknowledge. It Has Been Worth The Experience And There Is Something To Learn. Ms. Varma Made Sure She Explained, Before Sharing The Results, That The Analysis Must Be Taken As Positive – Constructive Criticism/Feedback, And Nothing More – This Being An Important Detail, Since The Conversation Eased Me Into The Process. After Discussing The Results, Ms. Varma Also Shared With Me Some Suggestions Regarding My Handwriting, To Improve Upon Areas In My Personal And Professional Life. I Have Already Started Implementing Those Ideas And I’m Looking Forward To Seeing The Positive Changes In Myself, And Of Course, My Handwriting. For Someone Who’s As Practical As Me, I Am More Than Convinced With Ms. Varma’s Work And Her Belief In The Process. I Would Like To Recommend Everyone To Have A Go At It, You Will Be Happily Surprised With How Much Your Handwriting Can Disclose About You.

Varun Srivastava, Gurgaon


Thanks For The Analysis, It Was About 90% Accurate & Upto The Mark. Came To Know My Strengths And Weaknesses. Areas Of Improvement Were Identified & Brilliant Corrections Were Given Through Graphotherapy, I’d Highly Recommend Her To Others.

Jia Kapur, Delhi


Hi. My Name Is Manju Varma .

I Strongly Believe That To Help Others, One Should Help Themselves First. By Undertaking This Grapho Therapy Training, I Improved Upon Certain Areas In My Own Personality By Analysing My Handwriting. Once I Saw True Improvement In Myself, I Was Convinced That I Could Now Help Others.

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