Hello, I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst

Manissha Shah

Chartered Accountant, Master Practitioner Of Graphology, Spiritual Healer

Before I Bid A Final Adieu To This World, I Wish To:

Empower A Chain Of Atleast A Million Souls To Be *Unstoppable*, In Every Walk Of Life – Health, Wealth, Relationships And Happiness.

Create Awareness, In Every Soul That – *Health* (Mental, Physical, Emotional And Spiritual) Is *Wealth*

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When I Was Introduced To Manissha Ji And Graphotherapy, I Was On The Verge Of Shutting Down My Business, Was In A Financial Mess And Relationships Broken. I Wasn’t Sure Whether Graphotherapy Would Work For Me Or Not. I Consistently Practiced What Manissha Ji Advised Me And Magic Happened – I Could Turn Around My Business, By Empowering Myself To Think Differently, Improve Relations With My Employees, Customers, Suppliers Etc. My Relationships With The Family And Friends Is Awesome Now. Graphology Is *Magic*

Sandip Patel, Mumbai


I Was Suffering From Severe Back Pain, Knee Pain And Joint Pain, Diabetes, Cholesterol, High Bp And Thyroid Since More Than 10 Years. After I Started With Graphotherapy With Manissha Ji, My Pains Have Disappeared, My Bp, Thyroid And Diabetes Are Absolutely Normal. I Have Lost 6 Kgs Weight Also. This Science Is Wonderful – Wish I Had Known Of It Earlier.

Kavita Jain, Ahmedabad


Thank You Manissha Ma’am, For Making Me Aware Of This Beautiful Science, Graphology. I Am Really Bowled Over By The Things You Told Me When You Analyzed My Handwriting And Signature. Each Word Of It Was Absolutely True. Was Surprised When You Told Me Things That Only I Knew Of. Also Surprised To Know Why I Kept Failing In My Relationships Everytime. After Just A Few Days Of Graphotheraphy, I Am Experiencing A Sea Change In My Relationships. Recommend This Science To Everyone.

Nandita S, Ahmedabad

Chartered Accountant

Hi. My Name Is Manissha Shah .

My Name Is Manissha Shah, A Chartered Accountant.

Before I Started My Journey As A Graphologist, I Had Severe Health, Career And Financial Challenges. My Relationships Too Were At An ‘All Time Low’. But Today, With The Help Of Graphology, Have Successfully Been Able To Overcome Them.

I Strongly Believe, ‘If I Can, Anyone Can’.
Now, As A Master Practitioner Of Graphology, I Would Love To Help Empower People Overcome Their Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial Challenges That Stop Them From Achieving Their Goals And Success In Life.

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