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Manisha Agarwal

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I Am On A Mission To Help Billon People Through Grapho Therapy And Hand Writing To Change In Their Life. Help All Young Generation To Be An Impactful Human Being.

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I Found The Analysis Of My Handwriting Done Through You Quite Accurate. The Reading Felt As If I Could See Myself Standing Right In Front Of The Mirror. I Was Also Informed About The Areas I Was Lacking And The Area Where I Am Very Well-Placed In. I Felt I Was Well Described Through My Handwriting And Readings Were Quite Crystal Clear. I Have Also Found The Methods And Tools To Work With To Work On Myself. I Really Appreciate Your Efforts Let People Meet Themselves, I Appreciate Your Skills And Abilities. Keep Up The Good Work And Continue Guiding People.

Shubham Bangari

I Heard About Lot Of Techniques By Which People Can Understand Your Behavior. It’s Very First Time That You Explained My Personality With So Much Clarity And Accuracy, Just By Looking At My Handwriting Thank You So Much For Amazing Explanation And Feedbacks. In My Cases, The Analysis You Did For Me Was Fairly Accurate And Helped Me Get Awareness About Certain Traits And Characteristics Of My Personality Which Is There Present But I Was Unaware Of It. Thank You For Your Time And Amazing Skill You Learned To Help Others.

Priyanshu Raj, New Delhi

De, Bel

Analysis Shared By Manisha Ma’am Was Apt And Accurate. It Was Like Getting Insights About My Personality Traits From A Childhood Friend Who Knows Me More Than I Know Myself. She Told Me About My Unique Gifts Which I Can Leverage To Grow Further In My Life And The Improvement Areas Which Can Make Life Better For Me And My Loved Ones. Few Things Were Deep And Surprising To Know, For Example The Fact That I Am Authoritative, Which Upon Contemplating I Realized Was True. She Has Greatly Inspired Me To Take This Course Myself To Improve My Quality Of Life, To Realize My Full Potential As A Human Being And To Help Everyone Around Me Who Would Benefit From It. I Am Truly Grateful To Her For The Detailed And Insightful Analysis.

Kushboo Mishra

Hi. My Name Is Manisha Agarwal .

My Self Is Hand Writing Facilitator, Grapho Therapist, Hand Writing And Signature Analyst Hand Writing Improve My Health And Thinking Pattern.

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