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Maneesh Kumar

IT Professional (Principal Engineer) And Professional Handwriting Analyst , Bangalore

My Mission Is To Be Approachable And Reach Out To Millions Of People And Help Them Understand Their Personality By Identifying Their Traits And Helping Them To Work On Areas Of Improvement Using Grapho-Therapy.

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Hi, I Am Really Amazed To Know That How Our Handwriting Can Tell Everything About Our Personality. You Explained Me Very Well With Great Accuracy And Provided Some Valuable Inputs For My Personality . I Am Further Looking Many More Inputs From You . Thanks A Ton.

Ria Singh, Bangalore

Senior Engineer

What A Wonderful Science . You Almost Told Everything Correct About Me Even Though We Did Not Meet From Longer Time . Your Valuable Analysis Has Provided Me Boost To Look Myself In A Different Way . You Explained Me In Depth Including All The Aspects Of My Life . Thanks Once Again.

Tara Sharma, Bangalore

Home Engineer

Hi , This Is Vivek Here , I Recently Got My Handwriting Analysis By Maneesh Kumar, I Loved The Way You Explained Me All The Points . I Must Say That You Have Done Great Study To Understand Handwriting Analysis. You Told Everything Like Habits , Behaviour , Area Of Improvement With A Great Accuracy . I Would Really Recommend You In My Family And Friends To Help Them .

Vivek Yadav, Bangalore


Hi , My Name Is Maneesh Kumar

I Am A Principal Engineer In The Software Industry As A Profession.

It Is A Wonderful Journey To Become A Handwriting Analyst. I Am Passionate To Learn And Enhance My Personality .

Handwriting Analysis Is A Wonderful Technology Which Helped Me To Understand Deeper About Myself . Now I Can Make The Development In My Thoughts , Words And Actions With Help Of Grapho-Therapy.

I Am On A Mission To Contribute To Society By Helping Them Understand Themselves And Bring Positive Changes .

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