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Leisha Bajaj

Master NLP Practitioner, Inner Wellness Coach, Certified Access Bars Practitioner

Igniting Young Minds Through Powerful Writing. My Mission Is To Transform 5 Lakh Young Individuals In 3 Years. Empowering Students To Unleash Their Potential, Conquer Goals, And Shape A Limitless Future. Together, We Create Confident, Influential, And Accomplished Individuals.

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I Absolutely Resonated With Your Reports. The Traits You Mentioned, Belong To Me And Definitely I Look Forward To Working On Them And Lead A Better, Actualized Life. There Are Certain Things Which Went Unnoticed From My End So Maybe I Never Knew I Had These Things Occupying My Mind. Hence In My Opinion, Your Analysis Was 100% Accurate. 5% Was Something Even I Discovered Today!

Priyanshi Nenwani, Mulund

Pursuing CA

The Analysis Are 100% Accurate. I Agree To The Areas Of Improvement Shown By You. I Myself Felt Them But They Were Ignored. Looking Forward To Improve With Your Guidance.

I Was Completely Amazed And Was In Awe With The Analysis Leisha Came Up With.. I 100% Agree On All The Facts She Described About Me.. In Fact These Provided Me With An Opportunity To Explore My Hidden Self And The Feelings I Have Been Feeling Since Long, Not Knowing Those Build Me With Time. The “Areas To Improve” Will Definitely Help My Personal Growth.. Really Grateful For This Lovely Experience.

Hitakshi Nenwani, Mulund


Hi. My Name Is Leisha Bajaj

Discovering The Profound Significance Of Handwriting, I Became Acutely Aware Of The Immense Power Held Within Each Letter And Stroke. Embracing A Professional Approach, I Underwent A Life-Altering Transformation, Propelling Me To Become A Skilled And Accomplished Handwriting Analyst At A Remarkably Young Age.

Handwriting, With Its Ability To Shape Our Perceptions And Communication, Revolutionized My Perspective On Life, Rendering Me More Expressive, Decisive, And Poised. Now, Armed With This Profound Understanding, I Am Committed To Empowering Others, Guiding Them Towards Their Own Transformative Journeys Through The Art Of Handwriting Analysis.


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