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Lavanya Eedara

Handwriting Analyst,Grapho-Analytical Therapist and Habit Expert

I am on a mission to help 100,000 people live a holistic lifestyle by programming their Subconscious Minds using the power of Scientific Handwriting.

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I feel like wow. How someone can understand our behaviour and traits by just looking at our handwriting? But Lavanya Eadara did for me. It is matching more than 90%. I feel amazed by the way she did it for me. I made you few important corrections in my handwriting. Thank you so much Lavanya for giving me lot of insights on my handwriting and where I need to improve on.

Sathish Kalluri, Hyderabad


Hi Lavanya ji, The Analysis I received through my handwriting got me mind-blowing. I’m still at awe on how u could be so specific and specify a few things about me. It was almost more than 95% true. And the best part was the simple techniques you gave to help boost confidence and career through handwriting. I think this is the most beautiful analysis everybody must go through. Because your hand writing speaks more about your brain and internal thoughts. Thank you so much. It was an eye opener. And I realize to consciously make efforts for the betterment of myself.

Leena Krishnamoorthy, Coimbatore


I got my Handwriting Analysis and I am amazed at the interpretation given by Lavanya. What I really liked in the analysis is: 1. Lavanya explained the science behind the hand writing. 2. Her interpretation has many points that correlation with my thought patterns. I would say out of the 10 things, I can see a clear connection in 8 points and maybe I need to introspect to check. 3. I like the simple changes that she suggested based on her observations which are very much action oriented and do not need a lot of effort. Overall, I would recommend getting your handwriting analysis being done because of the science. I would recommend Lavanya for the cool and simple language she used in interpretation.

Manohar Grandhi, Hyderabad


Hi. My Name Is Lavanya Eedara

I am a Josh Talk Speaker. I am a lifelong learner, an avid reader, and a mother of two beautiful angels.
When I heard about the programming of the subconscious mind through handwriting, I was so curious to know and learn it.

The first time I analyzed my own handwriting, I identified and recognized my emotions. I understood why I behave, the way I behave. I felt wow. Since then, I have been writing Grapho-Therapy daily. My relationship with my husband was awesome. I am feeling so much calm within myself. I am sure this science can help to keep health, relationships, career, and wealth at an optimum level.

If this science was working for me, it could work for others too. I have started analyzing my existing student’s handwriting. They felt wow. They have been inspired to work on their own handwriting using Grapho-Therapy. I want to add more value to people’s life, that’s why I am on a mission to help 100,000 people live a holistic lifestyle by programming their Subconscious Minds using the power of Scientific Handwriting.

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